Which is the Best Way to Elevate your Digital Print Finishing Performance?

In today’s fast-paced environment, we never have to worry about finishing our Large Format Projects. Just a Single Kongsberg table can easily be able to consume work from 3 Different Printers, whether it is rigid or roll materials.

Even though ingenious design can make your Project look more appealing and impressive, possessing the most appropriate print finishing techniques will make your Project stand out from the crowd!

Print finishing is a process that is applied to the materials after they have been printed. We might consider print finishing a small section of the entire printing process but even this small section brings a noticeable difference to your printed materials. Hence, today a wide range of digital printing and packaging machine companies are focusing more on print finishing techniques that will make their product look more convincing and enticing.

If you are looking for the best way to elevate your digital print finishing performance then the Kongsberg C Series will give you every finishing look that you desire!

Let us dive into the details of the Kongsberg C series!

Digital Finishing With A New Aspect

Kongsberg C series are specifically designed to cope up with the fast printers that will exceed the standards in terms of productivity, precision, and versatility. The series stands for consistent performance and the wide-format Kongsberg C is the first multi-function supervised digital finisher for display packaging and signage applications. It is the solid machine that has the greatest capability of non-stop automated production.

Why Choose The Kongsberg C Series?

There are many reasons why you should buy the Kongsberg C, as it offers a wide array of benefits to the users. Some of these benefits are-

Consistent Milling Accuracy

To provide the fastest throughput to the customers, Kongsberg C has lightweight carbon composite traverse and because of this, it can deliver consistent precision in cutting and routing as compared to other systems.

Suitable For Wide Format Materials

For all your large format printing needs, the system can easily handle dimensions up to 3210 mm wide by 3200 mm long format materials.

High Versatility

Kongsberg C provides the ever-best versatility for display packaging and signage applications. However, the system can work with any substrate right from thin flexibles, fluted materials, rigid boards and to foam.

Salient Features

  • Carbon Composite Traverse

    The cutting edge carbon fiber travels of 3.2 meters make the Kongsberg C deliver high speed. Owing to its rigid properties, it is easy to maintain a consistent accuracy on a variety of materials.

  • Downforce For Creasing

    The system incorporates a heavy-duty tool unit that offers 500N of downforce that will be sufficient enough to crease even the most tough materials having a diameter of 150 mm.

  • Mapping Of Table

    Kongsberg C encompasses a dynamic table mapping process that provides real-time updates. Additionally, to receive the guaranteed finishing quality, the system has precise automatic z-control that gets applied during the cutting and routing with the help of tabletop mapping.

  • User-friendly Designing

    While designing Kongsberg C, the safety of operators and its ease of use have been keenly taken into consideration. However, the system comes with an integrated joystick along with the operator panel.

An Additional Panel

Kongsberg C has an additional control panel placed at the end of the traverse and this offers simple access for the operator while speeding up the production.


With all these outstanding features and capabilities, we can surely say that ESKO Kongsberg C would be the first and last choice for all your digital finishing needs!
The ESKO Kongsberg C Series is a digital finishing solution that fits today’s digital production requirements without compromising on size, versatility or finishing quality. The Kongsberg C series is the first multifunction super-wide digital finisher for signage, display and packaging applications

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