Which Soft Signage Printer Will Suit Your Expectations?

EFI has a range of Soft Signage Printers from Entry Level to High Speed to High Quality. EFI has produced these printers keeping in mind all the requirements of the Soft Signage Market. You can print dazzling displays, high-density backlit signs and more with ultra-high resolution. With EFI Soft Signage Printers you can produce lightweight, textile-based materials that offer environmental benefits, save on logistics, including easy and economical delivery and installation.

Why should you invest in a Soft Signage Printer?

  • Competitive Differentiation : NOT Everyone can do it
  • High Margin and Upscale demands
  • Lightweight and easy for transportation, can be folded and installed without having wrinkles, and can even be washed or reused.
  • Easy to install unlike Vinyl’s
  • Eco Friendly Option

EFI Reggiani NEXT 180/340

EFI’s Soft Signage Printer is a cutting edge beltless printer named EFI Reggiani NEXT that prints on paper so as to transfer with 4 double heads and excellent colors. The printer can easily manage 3000 l/m paper roll and this could be easily managed owing to the strong mechanical structure that can run for 24 hours a day. With this printer, you can elevate your business and can bring new enhancements at the production level. The Reggiani Next is available with an option of 180 and 340cm.

The EFI Reggiani NEXT is specially designed for Soft Signage Applications. It is able to incorporate paper transfer workflow with Calendar. It has the widest application range that includes exhibition backdrops, light boxes, flags, building wraps, tear drops, tents, durable outdoor advertising materials and much more


The EFI Power 340 digital soft signage printer is for those who have extreme soft signage jobs who want to rule over the display graphics market with highest speed and extreme efficiency for direct printing on fabric as well as paper. It has the ability to print on a wider range of materials and 100% penetration on both sides of the fabric makes it the best choice for flag and banner printing.

It is a 340mm wide aqueous-based soft signage printer, with Option of 16 and 32 Printheads. Dramatic 4 color printing with a wide color gamut and high uniformity print modes for rich and deep color saturation


The EFI COLORS 340 digital soft signage printer is for serious buyers who have a passion to dominate the display graphics market with outstanding quality printed directly to fabric or transfer paper. The Color Soft Signage printer is for those who love the print with flying colors.

The water-based dispersed dye sublimation inks suit ‘ultra premium’ POP applications, with smoother colors and photorealistic skin tones.

It is a 340mm wide aqueous-based soft signage printer, with Option of 8 /16 / 32 Printheads.

Get these avant-garde soft signage printers from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is the only trusted 360-degree solution provider of unique and efficient printing machines along with its substrates.

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