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Why do you need EFI Roll 2 Roll Printers for Special Applications?

EFI super wide as well as wide format roll to roll LED printers and compasses ingenious collection of value-added options. However, these options constantly transform them into a versatile and multi-purpose platform that can deliver outstanding application offerings, profit opportunities, and reach capabilities. Where there is EFI, you need not worry about compatibility, upgradability, and limitations.

Let us understand in this blog why we need EFI roll-to-roll printers for special applications.

Inline finishing options

It’s all about automation!

EFI has excellent inline finishing options that help create a unique workflow that automates the printing and finishing process in one shot. However, this is done with the help of a single system that includes vertical splitting, trimming, and printing client information on the backside of the media, cut media collection, and horizontal cutting.

With these inline finishing options, we can save a lot of your time while removing the bottleneck situation at the finishing points. However, we can replace the excessively expensive finishing machine and can save a lot of the floor space.


These slitters are usually utilized for vertical trimming of margins. However, you can use them for selecting a single media for multiple jobs. With these slitters, the modifiable configuration becomes super easy. And this has a very simple installation process where no tools are included.

Roll-to-Roll X- Cutter

It is the most important feature that is incorporated in the printer. The X factor automatically gets media on the access right between the jobs and does not affect productivity at any point. It helps replace the expensive cutting equipment and save space as well.

ID Backprint

ID back print is a printing device that helps print file information on the front side of the media. With this the identification of the finished job for shipping installation and packing becomes easy. Usually, the printed data include copy number, print mode, printing date and time, file ID, and more.
There are additional features that are included in the line finishing options and these features are-

  • Sheet Collector
  • Roll and Tape Device

Double-sided printing – The Star Feature

EFI roll-to-roll printers offer 3 double-sided printing solutions that combine dedicated electronics, proprietary software, and hardware to facilitate challenging applications.

  • Automatic block out printing

It is an automatic system that helps print on both sides of the opaque block-out media. This results in brilliant registration between both sides.

This system offers reduced required operator skill levels and eliminates the requirement for guesswork and manual manipulation. To work efficiently it has optical sensor system software and dedicated electronics. Best suited for head-to-tail printing for longer jobs.

  • Automatic backlit printing

It is an automatic patented system that is perfectly made for double-sided backlit printing on backlit media. It has brilliant accuracy while it is camera-guided software that will automatically correct registration on the X, Y, and tilt axes.

  • Backlit Printing

For simplified double-sided backlit printing on a backlit media semi-automated system comes to the rescue!

This device is very simple and GUI friendly. However, there is no need for manual manipulation of media while in this system the operator manual provides alignment instructions into the software dialogue.

Color Options

In addition to the CMYK colors which are treated as the standard colors for all print applications, EFI roll to roll printers deliver optional 7 color and white printing along with clear ink. This helps add a broad range of high-margin applications to your application works.

  • Clear Ink

The clearing is usually incorporated to get a shiny gloss effect on the selected areas while enhancing the output and adding extra finishing to the colors. It offers a plethora of creative possibilities that makes the image more intensive. Saves time for offline coating. It gives option of full flood or selective, glossy or matte finish, it increases the outdoor durability up to 3 Years against Abrasion and Scratching, Chemicals, Weather, Air or UV Fading.

  • Seven Color Printing

By adding three light colors you can simply enable the 7 color printing option. The printing includes light magenta, light black, and light cyan colors. The features offer smooth skin tones, a broad range of colors, fine sharp details, smooth gradient transitions, and more benefits.

Media Handling Accessories

EFI offers remarkable media handling accessories that deliver neat feeding and collection of media and support continuous and flawless work.

  • Three Meter Super Duty Unwinder and Heavy Roll Loader

This is a complete integrated unwinder option for EFI printers that allow working with heavy media of 3m media rolls up to 793 kg. It helps increase productivity in high volume runs owing to the low make-ready.

This has an integrated loader option for 5 m printers that feed large media rolls up to 750kg.

  • Motorized Winder & Media Spreaders

Motorized Winder is an integrated winder and unwinder solution with motorized pneumatic inflatable core shafts. This assures media collection and improved media advance and print quality. Moreover, this supports full printer width media and multi-roll as well.

Talking about media spreaders, these are the clamp-like devices that stretch the media sideways enabling media inlet to the printer.

Additionally, EFI offers-

  • Media Collection Kit
  • Vacuum Plate
  • Wrinkle Analyzer
  • Mobile Operator Station

Some Outstanding Software Options

EFI has Software options that include productive Options for performance enhancements that include-

  • Software Productivity Pack
  • Media Saving Wizard
  • iPhone Application

Down the line…

With these skyrocketing POWER Tools, utilizing EFI Roll to Roll printers for special applications becomes a wise choice! Get EFI printers from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is the leading supplier of printing equipment and their substrates in India!

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