Why is Kornit not just a Tshirt Printer it’s a Garment Printer?

T-shirts with brilliant print options have become a buzzword in today’s garment industry. However, people are already in love with this innovative concept and hence t-shirts with customized prints are gaining massive demands in recent years.

To serve brilliantly to the textile industry a few digital printers came forward and KORNIT became the most incredible DTG printer on the globe that received huge demand from all the printing businesses across the world.

But more than just a t-shirt printer KORNIT is also an efficacious garment printer. How?

Let us dive into the stunning Applications Of Kornit Printers.


Activewear is all about staying active all the time you wear it. However, with KORNIT direct to garment printers we can print activewear with vibrant colors, clear printed text along with the great ability to print on a variety of synthetic sports materials like polyester. Kornit’s ingenious digital printing solutions incorporate brilliant technology along with state-of-the-art technology which brings excellent activewear and sportswear designs.

You can print on any kind of fabric with the help of direct-to-fabric platforms that have only one printer and one ink set. Fabric that includes cationic polyester, spandex, viscose, blend, synthetic, cotton, semi-synthetic, and much more. You can print on dresses, leggings, yoga pants, joggers blouses, polos tops, sports bras, underwear and much more. KORNIT Avalanche Polypro is an ultimate solution for Polyester printing as it enables on-demand and customized polyester products where you don’t need any minimum quantity per order.

You can start with a minimum of one garment. This ensures reduced waste along with saving a lot of the natural resources. Thus, bringing true SUSTAINABILITY! The Kornit Polypro helps prevent dye migration while preserving the original fabric properties. Moreover, the printer has a lot more digital advantages over polyester and it enables vectors as well as photo-realistic files.

This sounds cool, isn’t it?

Denim & Jeans

Fond of Denim? Well, flaunt it with Kornit’s eco-friendly denim because you can print various denim effects that include rib effect, embroidery patterns, floral patterns, ripped effects, cross stitches, zip effects, and borders.

What makes us more distinctive in the market is our innovative printing solutions that need only a single ink set and do not require external pre-treatment. This saves a lot of time and helps us invest in an additional range of category products such as jackets, shorts, jeans or denim skirts tops leggings shirts tops polos, and more. Be it cotton, denim, or other natural blends, Kornit DTG always stays abreast of the customer demands!

Fashion & Beachwear

Remarkable street fashion printing is now becoming so much easier with Kornit advanced Digital Printing Technology. Kornit encompasses a broad range of colors and the high-quality print capability on a wide range of garment types such as denim, cotton, polyester, fabric blends, viscose and elastane, synthetic spandex, and more.

Print your kimonos, scarves, skirts, bags, polos, jeans, underwear, dresses, and more with its DTG printers.


KORNIT offers complete sustainable printing solutions that assist in lowering down the company’s environmental footprint. The company’s prime focus has always been on offering environmentally friendly digital printing solutions that will meet sustainability standards. However, this can be easily achieved by zero wastewater and a reduced carbon footprint that enables on-demand printing as per today’s customer demands.

Kornit strongly believes that sustainability is the future of the textile industry and hence takes every step forward towards bringing eco-friendly fashion to the market.

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