Why Large Format 3D Printer for Signage and Graphics?

Today wide format printers are transforming the 3D printing business into a huge success due to their outstanding features. The enhanced profitability and the increased speed have made the demand for 3D printing ever-growing and businesses are now accepting work irrespective of the tight deadlines. Additionally, businesses can determine their price margins which turn out to be more fruitful printing professionals.

The signage and graphics segment has undergone a huge transformation in recent years due to the incorporation of large-format 3D printers such as Massivit 3D printers. There are several reasons to incorporate 3D printing into your wide-format Digital Printing business and we have mentioned them in this blog.

The Incredible Speed

With large format printers such as Massivit 3D you won’t take weeks to complete your job because these printers offer incredible speed with which the jobs can be done in a very short duration of time. With Massivit 3D’s patented GDP printing it is now possible to generate used displays, POP stores, Signage, and much more in a fraction of time as compared to the other technologies. Experts say that Massivit 3D can complete a task in just 7 hours while a CNC machine can take 20 hours to complete the same task. This will give a call for less manpower while improving the opportunity to take on more jobs.

For instance, when we are talking about mannequins, the large format 3D printers can easily generate life-size mannequins in just hours or days. This helps create a huge advantage when your business is competing with many Queen creators that are currently using the conventional methods.

A broad spectrum of wide-format printing businesses that have incorporated Massivit 3D printers have reported engineers growth in their customer satisfaction and are incessantly demanding 3D printing solutions from them. The well-known brands that have a huge demand for 3D products include Sony Pictures, Honeywell Netflix Nike, and more.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Help You Set Margins

The biggest advantage of large-format 3D printers is that it helps you deliver the incredible solutions to your customers. Not least but a 3D printer is a marketing tool of its own that brings in 100% customer satisfaction along with flawless customization features.

Believe it or not but Massivit 3D proprietors have reported huge growth in their business by installing the mastermind product Massivit 1800! The true benefit of this printer is the cutting edge technology it offers. You can expect PSPs to generate any size curve or form or even in a fantasy creature desired by the customers. However, with its complete geometry freedom, PSPs species can deliver a new level of display customization along with custom channel letters, SEG frames, vehicle promotions, and much more.

You can also 3D print a mold at a very less cost in a fraction of time and can deliver as many 3D displays as possible irrespective of the short deadline.

Moreover, adding internal illumination to the models is just easy with the Massivit 3D printer since the models that come from the printer are completely hollow.

Customization Becomes Super Easy

Today, retail shops are continuously inventing new ways to stand out of the crowd, and hence an eye-catchy character, mascot, or celebrity can become the most perfect option for this. However, the main aim is to personalize your mannequin that will fit your message and encourage customer engagement to a larger extent. And you can achieve all this with the help of large-format 3D printers that allow PSPs to generate a personalized display that can be crafted from the scratch.

All you have to do is to digitally scan a celebrity, a character, or a brand Mascot in a particular pose and you should match the perfect specifications of your customers. You can anyway change or revision within the software because you will be working with the digital file. This way without creating trouble you can develop different versions of a custom mannequin that will fit various local markets.

Down The Line

With the above mentioned and in many more ways, large-format 3D printers such as Massivit 3D are all set to transfigure the printing space while offering innumerable opportunities to the printing businesses to grow!

Just a brief on why Massivit 3D

  • Size. Create theatre set displays or props up to 6ft tall in one print. Easily connect parts for unlimited size options.
  • Speed. It is the most High Speed 3D Printer in the Market, it cuts more than half of your production time.
  • Complexity. You can Print any shape with unlimited creative, even complex designs are possible with Massivit 3D
  • No Support. Massivit 3D technology prints with practically with no support
  • Illumination You can Illuminate your Pops, to highlight the Product

If you have been looking to expand the reach of your printing business then choose no other than a Massivit 3D printer! Get this excellent printer from Arrow digital Pvt. Ltd which is the only e solution provider of numerous top-notch brands printers along with their substrates. Contact us right now and book your demo available at our demo center.

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