Direct UV printing vs Vinyl Printing & Pasting on Sunboard/Sunpack/MDF

Why UV printing is a better Choice for Rigids

Direct printing involves feeding a blank sheet to the machine and the sheet is directly printed without the need of any other film or sticker to be pasted on it. This form of printing has a lot of benefits over the traditional form of vinyl pasting

Printing directly on any Sheet is much faster than Vinyl pasting. With UV Printing(UV Printers) you directly have the ready sheet for use, while Vinyl needs to be first printed and then pasted on Sunboard/ Sunpack or MDF. Which involves human involvement and time consuming. One little mistake and you lose the material as well as the inks used to print on Vinyl. Direct Printing is economical when everything is evaluated – Time, Efforts, Labour and Material Cost.

The Most important is durably, as you don’t have a threat of Peeling. The major problems seen with vinyl applications are peeling edges. When you print a sheet directly, there is no question of any print peeling or scraping since the inks are UV cured and therefore they stay well for a long time. Moreover printing with EFI Genuine UV Inks, increases the outdoor durability and protects them from various outdoor issues.

Printing with EFI UV Inks provide you with Greenguard and Greenguard gold certifications, which help you to be sustainable. If different shapes have to be achieved, vinyl pasting will face hurdles and will consume time. While UV Prints have to just go through Digital Process to achieve various kind of shapes and size, moreover with Vinyl pasting it loses the originality as the base material is covered with a sticker.

Using Hybrid Printer will always help you to achieve various kind of applications and you will never say no to a job. Hybrid Printer allows you to print on Roll as well as Rigid with Media without wasting time on switch overs. With the use of EFI LED Cold cure technology, you can print on various materials including heat sensitive media. While using White you can print multi-layer and white ink technology enables users to create tactile textures.

White makes way for new market opportunities. It is possible to use white ink in a variety of useful and creative ways—it can be printed as a solid area or applied as a tint or gradation. While some intended uses require no prepress intervention, some preparation is necessary for spot and shape white applications. The prepress procedures are not complicated, but they do need to be done in a specific way to ensure success at the printer. “White under” can be used as a pre-coat on colored substrate. White undercoats allow use of a broader range of colored and creative substrates. “White over” as a post-coat when printing on clear material is ideal for backlit printing.

The white ink acts as a diff user, spreading the light evenly for brighter, more evenly illuminated back-lit displays.

EFI™ VUTEk® superwide hybrid digital inkjet printers have played an instrumental role in leading the Analog to digital revolution. VUTEk printers continue to expand the possibilities of digital print. EFI’s integrated systems will help your business reach new levels of competitiveness, profitability and growth. Fuel your competitive edge with the true production-level capability, ultra-high image quality, and rugged reliability of VUTEk hybrid flatbed printing platforms.

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