Arrow Greenboard

Did you know that around 300 million tons of paper are consumed by us every year? This has resulted in the release of co2 into the atmosphere while contributing usually to the production of greenhouse gases. This all has turned into drastic climate change that we can see today. Hence, it has now become a dire need for implementing an eco-friendly approach that will save a lot of trees while making a huge contribution to saving our environment.

Considering this dire need, Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd has come up with its innovative Arrow Greenboard which is completely biodegradable as it is made from paper that can be recycled.

Arrow Digital has always led by example in Indian printing industry and committed to offer sustainable solutions to the printing and packaging industry. Sustainability and the environment have been at the forefront of the public consciousness in recent years in India, with the effects of climate change and other factors sparking increased conversation in the corporate brands and printing service providers. One of the reasons why “green” ideas have become some prominent is their embrace by top brands in India. Arrow is at the forefront of creating new, sustainable green solutions for the market.

It has many advantages over conventional boards such as high stiffness and rigidity, perfectly flat/even surface, uniform strength, high aesthetic value and steadiness. Arrow Green Board can be directly printed on EFI VUTEk UV platform and gives excellent image quality with perfect vibrant colors. It is completely scratch resistant and has a quick drying property. It shows optimal flatness and dimensional stability yet are lightweight and can be cut and crease in complex shapes giving smooth finishing.

Why Arrow Greenboard?

Arrow greenboard is the best alternative for your digital printing needs. The green board is completely eco-friendly and is the most demanded option for conventional plastics such as PVC foam boards, Sun boards, and more. The green board is totally PVC-free and does not contain any plastics which results in a reduced carbon footprint as compared to that of the plastic-coated boards.

The greenboard offers excellent image quality along with appealing colors. The complete scratch-resistant greenboard has a low glass level and has minimized differential gloss. It can be dried fastly and holds handling properties such as cut bend and crease.

Top Features At A Glance:

  • 100 % Biodegradable
  • PVC free
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fast dry

Talking about its applications Arrow greenboard can be widely used for POS signage, exhibition graphics, commercial posters for outdoor as well as indoor applications. You can also use it for school applications, household applications, packaging events, and more.

Since this is recyclable paper, you don’t have to worry about the durability and future applications.


Arrow greenboard is available in various colors such as blue, black, green, red, fluorescent, silver metallic, and custom colors. You can choose the color of your choice from these options and can help us make the world greener.

Arrow green board is available in 2 sizes:

1.2 * 2.4 meters

1.6 * 2.4 meters

Technical specifications

The technical specifications of the green board are as follows-

  • Thickness in mm- from 1 mm to 3.50 mm with the tolerance of +-3%
  • Moisture content has 7% with a tolerance of +- 5%
  • It has 0% flatness tolerance of -0,2/ +1,5 %
  • Stiffness in Table MD- From 1400 Taber to 3500 Taber with a tolerance of +- 15%.

Arrow is the only solution provider, who provides 360-degree eco-friendly solutions from ink to printing substrate. And, with Arrow Green Board there is a ray of hope.

So, buy Arrow Digital’s Greenboard without any second thought and contribute to saving the environment!

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