Produce designer wallpaper, and stunning decals with Colorado M5W

Explore new business horizons with an astounding application range. The unique FLXfinish+ technology offers a choice between a gloss or matte finish, and now even both on one print. Without the need to change inks, media, or having an extra varnish channel.

Stand out from the competition with Colorado’s stunning quality & low-cost of operation

Canon Colorado was developed with unattended printing and effortless job switching in mind. This way, your operators can concentrate on high-value tasks instead of watching printer output and manually assisting with media feeding and roll winding. Your operators will get more done in a day and be more satisfied with their work. Colorado doesn’t just print unattended, it also comes with much more sophisticated automatic quality control and maintenance.

UVgel Wallpaper Factory

Designed for maximum throughput, high quality and to run all day long, the UVgel Wallpaper Factory is a fully automated and modular production facility for digitally printed wallpaper: from the bulk-sized media input straight through to the finished rolled output.

Take customised wall décor production to the next level!


One Click. Two Finishes. One Print.

Delight your customers with glossy banners that stand out from the crowd or wallpaper with the right deep-matte finish and brilliant colours, all printed on one device. No need to change inks or media! Now, with FLXfinish+, simply and reliably produce prints that combine a matte and a gloss finish without an extra varnish channel.

Bring Matt & Gloss finish in One Print