Latest Corrugated Packaging Printer

Introducing the ArrowJet OverJet Pro 700, the latest in High Speed Direct-To-Package Inkjet printer with Inline Varnish. Utilizing Memjet’s DuraFlex technology, the ArrowJet OverJet Pro 700 prints high resolution labels, flexible packaging, and more at speeds up to 195’/min!

  • Memjet’s DuraFlex Technology
  • Print Up to 25.75 inches with Media
    Flexibility up to 31.5 inches
  • Print on a variety of substrates due to its
    Overprinting System
  • Print directly on postcards, paper bags, and
    boxes and much more. 

High-Speed Direct-To-Package Inkjet printer with Inline Varnish​

The single-pass overprinting using Memjet’s DuraFlex engine provides working with automatic feeders to pass your ink-receptive print media, the Arrow OverJet is a narrow format overprinting system your business didn’t know it needed. The OverJet Pro is included with Inline Varnish to provide the extra production and durability to the finished Product.

  • Memjet DuraFlex Inkjet Technology
  • Waterbased Pigment Inks for Complete
  • Eco-friendly Solution
  • 30” Article Width
  • Printing Width: 25.11″ Print Width (638mm)
  • 195 ft/min Belt Speed with
    Resolution Up to 1600 x 954 dpi
  • New Print mode (Upon Request): 195 ft/min Belt Speed with
    Resolution Up to 1600 x 640 dpi (Suitable for Light Designs & Text)
  • High Speed Material Entry Detector
  • Automatic Maintenance System
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