ColorGATE - Kornit's Eco-system Partner

ColorGATE is the only RIP that supports Kornit’s Wet-on-wet Technology.

Kornit’s systems provide the highest printing standards in terms of quality and durability and ensure they are maintained throughout the entire production. ColorGATE offers a modular RIP, workflow, and color management software. It has more than 20 years of experience in the printing industry. Its industrial solutions are used daily around the globe by digital imaging users. ColorGATE is qualified to support Kornit systems.

Let Your True Color Shine Through With Kornit's Professional Printing Capabilities


Spot Color

Match color within seconds

Pantone & Color Libraries

Achieve accurate impressions with special color pallets for brands

PDF Support

Reach the highest printing resolution with pdf workflow

Semi Transparency

Control the artwork, hand feel, and ink usage with special features for garment decorates.

Ink estimation

Calculate ink consumption before printing


Kornits Special Features

  • WET-on-WET Compatibilities
  • Fixa Control
  • White Base Creation
  • Advance Color Management

Supporting DTG systems

Workflow options

Up-stream workflow

Down-stream workflow

Break Your Creative Boundaries With Kornit