Compac Mini



The Formech Compac Mini is a Plug n’ Play machine and the perfect entry-level vacuum former solution for creative hobbyists, artisans and students.

A compact size vacuum forming machine, with a quiet and built-in vacuum system, fitted with energy efficient quartz heaters, makes the Compac Mini the obvious choice to transform original concepts and ideas into successful and professional creations.

With a heater & table interlock, the Compac Mini is a safe vacuum former for first time users and the digital timer with audible alert, will help users achieve consistent heating cycle times.


  • Quartz Heaters
    Quartz heaters have the benefit of a rapid response and high efficiency resulting in time and energy savings.
  • Safety Interlock
    Mechanical interlock prevents table being raised whilst heaters are in forward position (all desktop machines).
  • Vacuum & Release
    After the formed part has cooled, air is forced between the mould and the sheet to help it release.
  • Vacuum Gauge
    A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).
  • Digital Timer
    Digital timer with programmable countdown and audible alarm helps achieve consistent cycle times.


Forming area(mm/inches) :- 230 x 280mm / 9 x 11″ 

Sheet Size(mm/inches) :- 250 x 300mm / 10 x 12″

Max depth of draw :- 130mm/5″

Max Material Thickness :- 4mm / 0.15″

Heating Zones :- 1

Heater Type :- Quartz

Width :- 440mm/17.3″

Height :- 425mm/16.7″

Depth :- 835mm/32.9″

Weight :- 33kg/73lbs

Single Phase Power Requirements :- 208-240V/13A

Europe – 3 Phase Power Requirements :- NA

USA – 3 Phase Power Requirements :- NA

Power Consumption :- 1.1Kw

Air Requirements :- NA



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