For more than 40 years now KAPA® is synonymous for lightweight foam boards with a polyurethane foam core. The KAPA® foaming technology is globally unique. The KAPA® product portfolio includes individual paper-based cover layers and applications range from model building to substrate for printing and advertising messages.

KAPA® is an extremely efficient lightweight foam board:

  • Flat surfaces can be used on both sides
  • High-quality cover layers
  • High level of stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Optimum flatness even on thin sheets

The polyurethane core provides a high level of stiffness and heat-resistance, it can be easily cut and cut out (either manually or with a jig saw) without causing the foam to crumble.



  • Creative work
  • Digital printing
  • Displays (POS/POP)
  • Screen printing
  • Signage


  • Easy to process
  • Extensive colour range
  • Lightweight


  • Paper

Standard range

Thicknesses: 3 – 20 mm (product-dependent)

Product Variant


The pioneering composition of PUR foam and aluminium skins combines light weight with rigidity. Moreover, KAPA®tech is euroclass B certified; it is the first KAPA® board in the category "difficult to ignite". KAPA®tech offers perfect characteristics for a lot of interesting applications in transport and industry as well as in visual communication.
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KAPA®plast combines bright white plastic coated cover layers with a polyurethane foam core. The surface provides excellent printing results, perfect ink adhesion as well as an ideal surface tension.
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KAPA®line is a lightweight foam board with high quality chromo substitute liners. It is the optimal substrate for screen printing and also for any painting techniques.
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KAPA®color features two coloured cell carton surfaces with a primer finish on top. The bi-colour cover layers (grey/black-changeable) make KAPA®color the ideal product for presentations.
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KAPA®mount is a light weight foam board with aluminium reinforced liners and chromo board cover layers. The panel is fire retardant and conforms to DIN 4102 B2. KAPA®mount is ideal for screen printing and due to the aluminium reinforced liners KAPA®mount is also suitable for mechanical lamination and wet lamination (even with solvent based glues and inks).
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KAPA®fix is a light weight and easy-to-laminate foam board with aluminium reinforced chromo-substitute liners on both sides. KAPA®fix is ideal especially for fast and easy manual or mechanical mounting.
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KAPA®graph foam boards stand out through their bright white or black cover layers on both sides and a through coloured foam core. KAPA®graph is used as presentation substrate as well as a stable material for model making.
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KAPA®tex is a lightweight foam board with high quality surfaces in "canvas-look". The board perfectly combines advantages of a sandwich material – light weight, dimensional stability and handling – with the look and feel of a canvas structure.
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Lightweight foam board with a polyurethane foam core and bright white paper surfaces. The surface convinces by its high degree of whiteness and its silky matt gleam. The surface layer consists of a wood-free coated paper.
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Lightweight foam board with a polyurethane foam core and bright white coated PET skins. The skins look and feel like a luxury paper.
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