UV1600-RTR/ UV2100-RTR



ATC introduces the UV2100-RTR, the latest advance in coating machine technology. The UV2100-RTR is designed for precision UV, roll-to-roll, Mayer rod coating. The machine coats rolls up to 12” diameter and 80 inches wide (300mm diameter x 2 meters wide). The coating speed of the UV2100-RTR is from 10 feet per minute to 33 feet per minute. (3 meters per minute to 10 meters per minute).

The scanning UV dryer delivers the energy needed for thorough drying without overheating the substrate. A motorized loading system pulls material through the dryer to be attached to the take-up roller. PLC touch screen controls govern and monitor the process for ease of operation.


UV2100-RTR Specifications

  • Coating Capabilities: Coating Width: 80” (2 meters)
  • Roll Diameter: 12” (30cm)
  • Measured Coating Thickness: 0.3 mils on up, selectable by using different size Mayer rods
  • Coating Speed: 10-33 feet (3-10 meters) per minute Reservoir: 5 gallons (19 Liters)
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 230 VAC 30
    • 60 Amp
    • 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Compressed Air:80-1 00 psi 14 Bar