XLD 170 HS



The XLD 170 HS is a high performance fully automatic cutter

The XLD170HS doubles the speed of the XLD Standard models. There are two versions:
  • XLD170HS with Double cut in one pass (patented) to reduce even more the cutting time when cutting small sizes. This version but it is recommended for paper cutting only.
  • XLD170HS with Double cut in two passe. It is the perfect solution to trim all the flexible media output up to 1,7 mt/67in in the fastest turnaround time.

Both models have all features same as the XLD models and can be added of all accessories as the standard line.


  • High speed version of the standard XLD.
  • Twice as fast.It trims 1000 sqm in less than one hour.*
  • A new double cutting system to enable a single cut operation (patented).


Max cutting width: 170cm/67in.

Min cutting width: 28cm/11in.

Max roll diameter allowed: 26cm – 80Kg | 60cm – 200Kg with Heavy Duty accessory (optional) | 60cm – 400Kg con JRU170 (optional)

Max cutting thickness: 1mm

Feeding speed: 34mt/min

X cutting accuracy: 1mm

Y cutting accuracy: 1mm

Net Weight: 250Kg

Gross Weight: 515Kg

Dimensions: 281x87x110h

Shipping Dimensions: 303x103x145h