Roll-to-roll Optional Power Tools

A rich collection of value-added options turns the EFI Superwide Roll-to-roll Printers into all-in-one, multi-purpose printers.

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Optional roll-to-roll Power Tools

A unique workflow which automates the complete printing and finishing process on-the-fly and in a single system, including printing, vertical slitting and trimming, printing customer information on the back of the media, horizontal cutting, and collection of the cut media.

Inline Finishing
Roll-to-sheet X-cutter
ID backprint
Roll & Tape

Double-sided Printing

EFI roll-to-roll printers offer three double-sided printing solutions

All solutions combine proprietary software, dedicated electronics, and hardware to facilitate those challenging applications.

Automatic blockout printing
Automatic backlit printing

Color Options

In addition to the standard CMYK colors, EFI superwide roll-to-roll printers offer optional white and seven-color printing, as well as clear ink, adding a wide range of high-margin applications to your portfolio.

White printing
Seven-color printing
Clear ink

Media handling accessories

EFI roll-to-roll printers offer multiple media handling accessories to facilitate neat media feeding and collection, enable handling of media rolls at various weights, and to support continuous uninterrupted work.

Three-meter super duty unwinder
Motorized winder
Media Edge Guard
Dual Roll Split Shaft for Pro 32r+
Media spreaders
Media collection Kit

General options

Wrinkle analyzer
Mobile operator station

Software options

Advance Software settings
Media saving wizard