ArrowCut Nova 250R



Using an 80 Watt CO2 powered Galvano laser, the ArrowCut Nova250R is able to die-cut labels of all shapes and sizes with ease. The ArrowCut Nova250R laser eliminates consumable costs and down time associated with traditional blade finishers. Laser cutting also allows for seamless transitions between jobs and multiple cutting functions, including kiss cuts, full cuts, perforations, etching, and hatching all in one pass! 


Compact and Efficient

Compact enough to be installed in your office for ease of use, the powerful fume extractor ensures that the ArrowCut Nova250R can operate in a production facility or a small office space. With all the essential finishing functions for your work-flow, you can now laser finish jobs in a single pass!

Perform Various Cutting Functions Simultaneously

Full cuts, kiss cuts, perforations, and variable data marking can all be performed in a single pass for unmatched versatility and productivity. Cut papers without yellowing, films, and even metalized or reflective materials with ease.

Cost Efficient

With its ergonomic design, the ArrowCut Nova250R operates easily and with low waste production. A short web path for fast and easy set up will make your material and efforts go farther than ever before!


Product Dimensions
Width :- 39″
Length :-75″