Arrow EZCut 330S



Die-cut up to 1,000 sheets at once with the Arrow EZCut 330S sheet die-cutter. Utilizing special cutting software and dual blades, the Arrow EZCut 330S allows you to create cut files with ease. Using two sensor marks allows for precise cuts on substrates up to 300gsm. The dual cutting heads double your cutting speed for a fast-finishing option for sheets.


  • High Performance Full Servo Motor
  • Industrial Design with High Capacity Feed System
  • Top Suction Feed System
  • Double Auto Adjusting Heads
  • Sensor for Both Single or Double Eye Marks
  • Intelligent Cutting System with Trajectory Optimization
  • A3 Compatible
  • Cut up to 285 gsm
Improve Efficiency

Sample or small orders are easier than ever with the DuoBlade F digital sheet label die-cutter. Delivery time is shortened saving you time and money and improving efficiency. With the unique double cutting heads, it can run at high speeds and get your job done while exceeding expectation.

Top Suction Feeding System

The top suction feeding system will ensure you save time and is able to put more than 1000 sheets of media ensuring stable feeding.


Product Dimensions
Width: 28″
Length: 33.5″
Electrical Specifications
Cutting Function
Accuracy: 0.1 mm (duplicate)


Product Video