Arrow Slitter



This high-speed, roll-to-roll slitting system is the perfect­ offline tool for slitting and rewinding rolls of material or labels up to 500mm wide (OD up to 19.6”). The Servo driven unwind/rewind allows for constant tension during the slitting process, fine-tuning large scale productions with percussion and ease.


Do more with less. Slit down to whatever size media you need with its capacity to hold up to 10 slitting blades at once for faster performance. If smaller rolls are needed, slit wide label stock into numerous individual rolls for optimized results.

The automated web guide ensures constant web path alignment and straight cuts while slitting at speeds up to 100m/min. This high-speed slitter can easily accommodate a wide variety of substrates such as PET, paper, vinyl and more, allowing for a flexible and efficient process with every run. The short web path allows for easy set up and low waste.

Thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen, it allows for full control of the web handling system, streamlining the finishing process and significantly enhancing the quality of your labels. The Arrow Slitter is the perfect solution for any high-end production looking to maximize their on-demand label process.