KERAjet P7



KERAjet P7 is an inkjet printer designed for printing ceramic applications, valid for the development of small series or special products as to be implemented in line with a high productivity.

KERAjet P7 can be con gurated with movil bench or automatic belt, multihead technology and an active ink system controlled by our electronic devices bestowing a printing stability and high reliability.

The possibility of using up to 12 inks configured in 24 printing units with resolutions that reaches up to 1200 dpi at 8 levels of gray scale freely configurables, allows us the highest printing quality and a perfect representation of shades and gradations making the equipment an essential tool for the development of new products.

Our specific software patented by KERAjet, has been developed as an intuitive and easy manner to use graphical enviroment. This allows a big performace in a short time.


MINI K is a software program made by KERAjet which is inteded as user’s graphical interface. The system is provided with this software already installed in its computer.

The ink system is controlled by our electronic devices. however, the user’s interface is embebed in the MINI K software in the inks option. In this way, the MINI K software enables controlling and monitoring of the transport movements , ink system, and management of the designs.

The interface is easy and user friendly. MINI K software transfers the images to the print units for printing.


  • Range of printheads: K4, K6, K8, K9, K11, K12 etc.
  • Vertical resolution: 180 up to 1200 dpi.
  • Horizontal resolution: 254 up to 1200 dpi.
  • Inks: Special inks, grains and enamel for ceramic inkjet decoration.
  • Drop size: 10 up to 200 Pl.
  • Network: Ethernet connection 10/100Base T
  • Electrical requirements: 220V 50-60Hz 16A P= 4 Kw Shuko connector.
  • Connectivity: movement and data on ethernet.
  • High Performance of the Printing System.
  • High Printing Resolution.
  • High Placement Accuracy.
  • A Continuous Ink Stream Provides an steady printing system: active System.
  • Digital Decoration within 12 Colours.
  • Integrated touch screen.


  • Data les allowed: TIFF, PSD.
  • Images Color mode: CMYK, Multichannel y RGB.
  • KERArip: color management software and integrated image processing.
  • Management and printing control.

Printing dimensions

  • KERAjet P7 1200 1200x 1000 mm.approx.
  • KERAjet P7 2400 2400 x 1000 mm.approx.


  • KERAjet P7 1200 bancada 2441 x 1350 x 1530 mm. approx.
  • KERAjet P7 1200 banda 2441 x 2110 x 1530 mm. approx.
  • KERAjet P7 2400 bancada 3971 x 1350 x 1862 mm. approx.
  • KERAjet P7 2400 bbanda 3971 x 2110 x 1862 mm. approx.