Dominate The Growing Indian Market of Flexible Packaging

The Indian market in flexible packaging is continuously growing. Its market size is expected to grow to USD 12.72 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 10.63%.


Flexible packaging rescued the Indian E-commerce business during the covid-19 pandemic, and the demand for flexible packaging has skyrocketed post-pandemic. This shift has widened business opportunities and growth in the printing and packaging Industry. 


According to the market analysis reports, the food processing and cosmetic industry was the driving force for this rise. These changes are not hypothetical, but they are due to the shift in customer behavior like online food ordering, late-night snacking, increased skin & health care usage, and many more.


Brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Nykaa, Mama Earth, etc., were capitalizing on this opportunity to deliver personalized packaging and impact consumers’ minds significantly.

3 Upcoming trends that will change the face of flexible packaging

  •  Eco-friendly solutions and extensive use of Bio-Plastics in the packaging market
  • A strong presence of sustainable solution
  • Personalized brand packaging

Eco-friendly solution & Extensive use of Bio-Plastics in the packaging market

People are aware of climate change, and it influences the consumers buying decisions as well.

India has banned non-biodegradable and single-use plastics and is adapting bioplastics.

In January 2020, the Indian Institution of Technology invented a new type of Bioplastics that is low in cost and possesses a superior strength to High-density polythene. The Indian Government is boosting the use of environmentally friendly composite films, Collapsible pouches, and bag-in-box.


Along with that, the digital printing industry is constantly making efforts to reduce its carbon footprints and create a greener path for the future.

Eye-catching and attractive packaging design

According to a recent study, Customers love brands that never fail to surprise them with their packaging. Think about it!.

For example – A jewelry company never fails to surprise their customer with creative packaging on auspicious occasions. 

The E-commerce market is booming, especially after the impact of covid-19. People are spending more online. So, strategically these brands are focusing more on eye-catching packaging to retain customers.

You can easily cater to this segment, provide creative packaging solutions to these brands, and boost your packaging business.

Personalized brand packaging

Flexible packaging allows more options when it comes to customization in packaging. Customized packaging builds awareness, gives users value, and significantly enhances the user experience. It also helps the brand build a strong presence in this competitive market. 


Brands consider it a branding strategy, and flexible packaging gives them the freedom to build authority in customers’ minds.  


These trends will drive the future market towards more eco-friendly and personalized solutions, and ArrowJet Hybrid Pro is ready to serve this upcoming market.

How big is the opportunity for flexible packaging in India!

As you saw earlier, the Food and beverage sector has the most significant share in flexible marketing. Apart from food and beverages companies, industries from other sectors are also increasing the usage of flexible packaging’s like essential household goods, medical items, cosmetics, and many more. 

These demands from sectors will grow eventually. As a business owner, you must target these sectors, win high-quality jobs, and increase profitable opportunities. 

Dominate early and be a market leader.

Market statistics-of-flexible-packaging

The competition in the Indian market is just starting to take pace, and you can dominate it too. According to future market Insight(FMI), the top 5 digital printing and packaging players hold around 15% of total market shares. 


So, it is a perfect time to enter this segment in India and become a market leader.


The Packaging Industry Association in India PIAI predicts that the Indian packaging market will surpass the valuation of USD 204 billion by the end of 2025. Eco-Friendly solutions like compostable films, collapsible pouches, bag-in-boxes, and others by manufacturers will boost this flexible market growth. 


India is banning non-biodegradable and single-use plastics, and the adaptation of bioplastics is on the go. It is creating a growth opportunity in the flexible packaging sector. Hence, focusing more on eco-friendly packaging solutions is vital to skyrocketing your sales. 


With our Arrowjet Hybrid and Hybrid pro, you can deliver attractive customizable packaging solutions at an affordable cost.

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