Kerajet products are highly compatible and incorporate 100% Spanish technology and deliver high-tech products. It offers advanced digital ceramic printers to bring real innovation to the Digital Printing space.

Kerajet S7

The new KERAjet S7 use the most advanced digital printing technology for printing with ceramic pigments,soluble salts, effects, solid aplications, glazes and UVI inks . 
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Printing Technology: Drop on demand

Conveyor Speed:Up to 90 m/min 

Resolution: From 180 to 1200 dpi.

Max. Speed: 1,157 ft²/hr (107 m²/hr)


Kerajet P7

KERAjet P7 is an inkjet printer designed for printing ceramic applications, valid for the development of small series or special products as to be implemented in line with a high productivity.
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Drop Size: 10 up to 200 Pl.

Vertical Resolution: 180 up to 1200 dpi at 8 levels of gray scale 

Horizontal Resolution: 254 up to 1200 dpi.