Kerajet S7

The new KERAjet S7 use the most advanced digital printing technology for printing with ceramic pigments,soluble salts, effects, solid aplications, glazes and UVI inks .  Read More>>

Printing Technology: Drop on demand

Conveyor Speed:Up to 90 m/min 

Resolution: From 180 to 1200 dpi.

Max. Speed: 1,157 ft²/hr (107 m²/hr)


Kerajet P7

KERAjet P7 is an inkjet printer designed for printing ceramic applications, valid for the development of small series or special products as to be implemented in line with a high productivity.Read More>>

Drop Size: 10 up to 200 Pl.

Vertical Resolution: 180 up to 1200 dpi at 8 levels of gray scale 

Horizontal Resolution: 254 up to 1200 dpi.