Whether It Is Signage, Packaging, Or Displays Corrugated Board Kongsberg’s Extremely Versatile Digital Finishing Solution For All Your Varied Needs

The quality of digital finishing solutions adds expertise and gains  the portfolio for all the commercial, marketing, or other means of production. With the rising of printers, you get reliable solutions for optimal production of content on the desired material. Whether software versatility is measured or the machine’s flexibility is considered, Kongsberg’s Precision cutting systems must be your first choice for all your digital cutting needs.

Ask Why? Here are the three packed configurations that can turn any application into a smooth working production, making it the most flexible and desired cutting table in today’s market. 

Kongsberg’s High Performing and Versatile Finishing Solutions

With the rapid technology growth and business changes, all you need is the most versatile and flexible equipment and make your business investment-worthy. The Kongsberg digital cutting table is perfect for your business, irrespective of the capabilities you need and the flexibility you desire.

The Kongsberg is the most versatile high performing finishing solution that has ever been introduced in the industry of digital cutting table; Whether the requirement is two dimensional or three dimensional, whether material is soft or hard, the Kongsberg model flexes in all with perfection.

The Kongsberg’s Finishing High Performing and Versatile Finishing Solutions are categorised into Three of the following:


Using protective packaging made of corrugated and foam material reduces the weight of cargo with more than 50% compared to wooden crates. The time to cut and mount a corrugated box with foam inserts normally takes up about 30% of the time it takes to create a wooden container.

Kongsberg cutting tables are well suited to produce protective packaging!

  • Designing and producing samples is a matter of minutes. A quick turnaround time is guaranteed.
  • The Kongsberg tables can be outfitted with a higher traverse, to allow cutting of even higher foam materials. 
  • Heavy duty foam tools bring speed and power to cutting low density porous materials. 
  • Kongsberg cutting tables have tools for cutting foam core boards like Kappa board, Kapa tex, Acca foam, Viscom board, 


Producing corrugated jobs with a high throughput is not something any cutting table can offer. Kongsberg cutting tables excel in combining power, speed and accuracy, even on the most demanding corrugated materials.

  • CORRUSPEED TOOL : High Speed Cutting of Corrugated Materials 
  • The smoothest cut available from digital finishing. The tool doesn’t oscillate as with conventional corrugated tooling so that means no ragged edges, no matter the speed.
  • Speed Up Production with Automation and its optimal solution for short run production on all typical packaging 
  • MultiZone production allows you to load two sheets at the same time.
  • The rotating workstation makes the model production-friendly. The print-to-cut registration and cut, crease operations with plot make it impressionable on both sides.


Kongsberg cutting tables come with a wide array of tools to handle the complete range of materials in signage production. From small to wide format, from flexible to rigid, Kongsberg cutting tables handle every job with precision and speed, helping you produce high quality results.

  • Great Quality for any job or application 
  • A variety of milling options to match your throughput requirements.
  • Perfect Print to Cut Registrations 
  • High Production Speed
  • Exceptional Cutting Quality 
  • Fully upgradable
  • A camera system is inbuilt for vision clearance.
  • The access is made more accessible to the table front for material loading. A soft, compact underlay is for cutting, making the combination of milling and knife-sharp cutting effect. 
  • Automated material loading with optional conveyor feed system, sheet feeder, roll feeder unit is present.


With the given versatility of Kongsberg’s precision cutting systems and extremely versatile digital finishing solutions for all your needs, we at Arrow cater to all your needs. 

 We take pride in catering to our clients with expert services and suggest the choice of their machine by considering their requirements. 

For more information connect directly with the sales team of Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd, which is the most trusted solution provider of different printers and their substrates!

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