The EFI™ VUTEk® HS100 Pro is a high-speed digital UV inkjet press that represents a true alternative to analog equipment. Innovative imaging technology driven by the Orion OS software platform delivers critical color accuracy and consistency your customers’ demand with the productivity and digital efficiencies you need.

The VUTEk HS100 Pro allows you to take on short-run jobs more profitably, while letting you produce longer sheet runs at a lower cost per print than analog technology.

Revolutionary Productivity and Image Quality

  • 3.2 meter hybrid digital UV press handles up to 100 boards per hour; up to 70 boards per hour in Point-Of-Purchase mode (600 dpi binary print mode)
  • Maximizes ink yield for a lower total cost of ownership with true grayscale heads and ink delivery system
  • Innovative Pin & Cure technology delivers precise ink lay down for better image quality and high production speeds, gloss control, increased color gamut, wider output capability and fewer artifacts
  • Minimizes downtime, waste and loss potential with sophisticated warning and detection systems
  • Enables continuous shifts with its rugged, industrial design that makes it suitable for 24/7 operation
  • Runs multiple jobs at once with multi-queue, eliminating the need to rip larger layout files
  • Integration ready to EFI Web-to-Print and MIS/ERP solutions via native JDF connectivity to optimize production efficiencies and profit potential


  • Standard six colors (CMYK, lc, lm) plus two white channels
  • True grayscale technology for higher image quality and greater PMS color matching
  • Up to 8 colors* with optional orange and violet ink configurations for more Pantone® coverage and vibrant reproduction of RGB imagery
  • White and multi-layer print capability to extend your premium margin offering
  • Backed by EFI’s world-class inks, service, support and end-to-end digital workflow
  • Variable matte or gloss finish for a wider color gamut and greater photographic image quality
  • On-board calibration system that automatically recalibrates to system settings, eliminating reprinting and re-profiling for job-to-job consistency
  • Sophisticated warning and detection systems that minimize downtime, waste and loss potential
  • Full access to carriage for easy maintenance



  • Handles flexible or rigid substrates up to 126.5” (3.2 m) and up to 2” (5.08 cm) thick.
  • Automated six-zone vacuum table.
  • Media handling options, from three-quarter loading and unloading to fully automated loading and unloading, to meet any business need.

Environmental Considerations

  • Compressed Air: 95–145 psi maximum at 4 cf/m—dry air only (not included).
  • Fully enclosed design for operator safety and environmental considerations.
  • Machine Weight: 13,000 lbs. (5900 kg).
  • Height: 87” (221 cm).
  • Width: 288” (732 cm).
  • Depth: 88” (224 cm).
  • Electrical: 3 Phase 400VAC (80A) to 480VAC (60A), 5 Wire (3 Phase + N + G).

Genuine EFI Ink

  • New ink delivery system allows 100% ink utilization so no ink is wasted
  • Expanded gamut CMYK pigments for world class Pantone matching
  • EFI develops pigment dispersions that ensure optimized size and concentration for best-in-class ink stability

Enhanced Service Program (ESP)

  • EFI’s industry-leading service and support program
  • Predictable up time to maximize profitability
  • One year of Critical level coverage, providing you with eight-business hour response

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