Why are EFI UV LED Printers the Best in Their Class?

In today’s highly competitive world it might be a tough task for your printing business to find a proper balance between global regulations and changing customer demands. However, taking into consideration the significance of environmentally friendly products, even customers are focusing on purchasing ‘green’ products. And in such situations, if you are envisioning a bright future in your printing business then choosing EFI UV LED printers would be the best solution.

EFI has launched UV LED printers to deliver environmentally friendly printing solutions to a wide number of industries through its cool LED technology-based printers. The printers offer a number of brilliant features that cannot be seen in the rest of the printers in the market. 

So, let us dive into the most spectacular benefits offered by EFI LED printers. These benefits make them the best in their class! 

LED Technology

EFI LED technology reduces power consumption by removing the requirement for high-power lamps. Usually, high-power lamps are widely used to make sure if the image has been properly adhered to. Here some additional heat is applied to the print in order to evaporate the extra water waste from the printed images. And, in EFI UV LED printers these lamps aren’t required at all!

More, EFI UV LED printers don’t need any warm-up time with the LED technology. It makes sure that you save a lot of energy by increasing productivity. 

Armour Coatings

Suppose you are printing on flexible media thermoforming materials or even on rigid boards you must protect your print from the changing weather conditions along with chemicals as well. To help you gain the most optimistic output EFI offers a post-printing coating formula which is nothing but EFI Armour. The Armour coatings can easily preserve, shield, and defend your prints. EFI ARMOUR UVF is nothing but a clear roll coat that is non-yellowing having the best solvent and chemical resistance. 

EFI Genuine Inks

EFI UV LED printers leverage SuperRange XF inks that come under a 3M MCS warranty. This also includes white ink on 3M flexible media. EFI genuine inks are completely LED curable UV inks that have a wide color gamut and small dot gain. They offer advanced durability and are truly environmentally friendly. 

Moreover, EFI genuine inks are GREENGUARD certified. The Green Card certification makes sure that the products have met stringent and wide standards for low emissions of VOCs in indoor air. 

Cold Cure 

It is one of the most important features of UV LED printers. The cool cure LED Technology helps to increase productivity in less time which increases the overall business profits. It offers premium margin jobs and also assistant lessening the total operating cost and environmental footprint at the tip of the finger. The cool cure technology helps improve the major control over matte or gloss levels. What makes it more distinctive is its ability to satisfy customer demands for greener print solutions. And this can be implemented with low power consumption, low waste as well as consumables and VOCs.

So, buying these printers will undoubtedly help you take your business to an unimagined level while delivering precise prints.

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