Formech – The Thermoforming Solution from Desktop to Large Format

Formech – The Thermoforming Solution from Desktop to Large Format

Formech has been one of the leading designers and manufacturers of vacuum forming machinery since its inception in 1982.

Formech has consistently strived to leave a mark in the industry by collaborating with the world’s leading tools, materials and trade farmers, aiming at developing a wide range of vacuum forming products delivering consistent results even with their most challenging applications.

The vacuum forming process is genuinely a magnificent process that has been used since the 1930s and is one of the oldest methods of processing plastic materials.

In this blog, we will look at the significance of the thermoforming process and its applications and discover Formech’s Thermoforming solution products from Desktop to Large format.

The Thermoforming Method

Thermoforming or Vacuum Forming method centers around heating a plastic sheet until it softens and then draping it over a mould. After which, a vacuum is then applied that sucks the sheet into the mould, after which the sheet is then ejected from the mould. Vacuum Forming takes the process to the next step by adding pressure to the part formed in the mould and offering further assistance to the moulding part.

A genuinely phenomenal process!

One of the focal benefits of this method is the speed at which all tooling can be produced, and the costs compared to injection moulding are much cheaper.

Vacuum Forming, when collaborating with new technologies like 3D printing for tool designing, thermo-formable ink technology and In-Mould decoration, brings infinite possibilities and advantages in vacuum forming for high-tech industries.

Vacuum Forming Applications

The world’s leading material science companies aggressively invest in developing thermo-formable plastics as they are more efficient to process and are also kinder to mother nature.

Formech’s Vacuum Forming machines are used by high-profile companies such as Apple, Google, Disney, Philips, 3M, Nestle, Dupont, VW Group, McLaren, BE Aerospace, Dyson, Disney, Ferrero Roche, Cambridge University,  etc., for infinite applications in the packaging, confectionery, set designing, aerospace and other industrial applications.

Leading companies and organizations investing in the thermoforming process shows the high demand and need for this market process.

Being an industry leader, Formech offers the perfect thermoforming solutions via its high performance and compact machines bringing industrial processing capabilities to lab environments that aim to efficiently test and research new materials.

Vacuum Forming solutions have made a significant impact as they offer cost-effective and high-quality products created in matters of seconds!

Let’s take a look at Formech’s Destostop & Large Format Thermoforming Solutions.

Formech’s Desktop Series

  • Formech Compac Mini
  • Formech 450 DT
  • Formech 508 DT

Formech’s Desktop range is the perfect fit for first-time thermoforming users, students, designers, small businesses, and enterprises to partake in intelligent vacuum forming solutions.

Formech’s Large Format Series

Formech’s large-format series is perfectly suitable for Film & theatre set design, Automotive and Aerospace Applications, Point Of Sale and Signage.

The Vacuum Forming process is a more innovative alternative to 3D printing and injection moulding when considering several factors: tooling time and cost, finish, quantity, delivery time, and other complexities.

Digitally printing and digital moulds make economical thermoformed articles; turn your display graphics, signage and more from boring 2D printed to eye-catching and head turning digitally printed and thermoformed articles. It is Faster, Cheaper and engages more viewers in this clutter 2D graphics. Enjoy the freedom to create complex forms, internally illuminated objects. Start personalizing and localizing objects incorporating thermoformed articles in your 2D print campaigns.

With the Combination of Massivit, EFI H1625-SD and Formech you can take Display Graphics and signage to the next level. Use EFI TF inks and coatings for outdoor warranties with thermoformed objects. Help high-end brands and companies showcase their products in ground-breaking and eye catching ways. Communicate with customers in an ever evolving retail experience.

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