Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro, all set to conquer the challenges for printing on Polyester

Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro, all set to conquer the challenges for printing on Polyester

Arrow Digital speaks about the Latest addition in the Kornit Family – The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro. The smartest direct to garment (DTG) printing solution for polyester. It is most cost efficient, single step process for polyester printing. The Kornit NeoPoly Technology, characterizing it as “the industry’s first digital industrial process for high-quality printing on polyester.”

Polyester is the second largest category in the overall T-shirt market, it is extremely popular in the sports segment, and is growing in the ‘athleisure’ and functional apparel sectors. Currently, polyester is printed predominantly by analogue technology. That creates major technological, cost and sustainability challenges.

Kornit NeoPoly Technology addresses these challenges with a new process and ink set implemented in the renowned Kornit NeoPigment process. Kornit’s new process handles polyester applications without compromising on design, run size, substrate or labour. With Kornit you have no limitation of colors, gradations, skin tones and can also print photorealistic designs which were earlier a nightmare.

The “breakthrough” technology is achieved by an innovative ink set and a physical and chemical process specifically developed for low-temperature curing, along with polyester-enhancing functionalities developed to maintain fabric characteristics and provide superior colour fastness. This unique process prevents dye migration on polyester.

Above all the mind-blowing features, the inks are Oeko-Tex and Eco-Passport certified and don’t contain PVCs or other toxic ingredients. The first system equipped with the Kornit NeoPoly Technology is the new Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro DTG Printing Solution, a member of Kornit’s high-production industrial platform. The single-step Poly Pro is the perfect system for the industry, enabling easy and cost-effective short-runs and on-demand printing on polyester garments.

Kornit is on a mission to reinvent the garment and textile printing industry with game-changing technologies for growing market segments. The new NeoPoly Technology is further proof of innovation and re-invention mission.

Prevents dye-migration
Preserves the original fabric properties
Meets the sports industry’s durability standards
No design limits
Profitable from the first print

APPLICATIONS: Sportswear, Promotional, Athleisure, Team Sports

Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd is excited to bring the advanced and innovative solution to the Indian Market where people can hit the Gyms and Sports with Style and elegance. Moreover being Eco-friendly is the biggest key feature of the new product.

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