Arrow Digital Installs EFI Pro 16h – 1.6 meter, Mid-Level Production Printer with the power of LED & White

Arrow Digital Installs EFI Pro 16h – 1.6 meter, Mid-Level Production Printer with the power of LED & White

Arrow Digital has recently installed EFI Pro 16h LED UV Hybrid Printer at their State of the Art Democenter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mr. Sam Patel, CEO & Managing Director adds, The EFI 16h is designed with a complete package of features, to assure lowest total cost of ownership, superior image quality, and access to the widest range of Substrates/Applications.

This Hybrid Platform prints with four colors plus white ink printing and single-pass, multilayer printing for greater profit opportunities. The Ricoh Gen 5 Printheads make it a Production engine with a minimum drop size of 7pl and Maximum Speed of up to 976 ft²/hr.

EFI’s cool-cure LED imaging technology lowers power consumption and extends the range of supported substrates. Its long-lasting, consistent LED lamp cures prints at low temperatures, and the cool cure capability gives business the opportunity to print on a broader range of substrates, including thin or specialty media that cannot withstand other curing or drying methods. The lower-temperature curing also translates into reduced energy costs. And, unlike solvent printers used in wide-format graphics printing, the printer’s inks have virtually no VOCs.

The 1200 dpi gives near-photographic images, saturated colours, and smooth gradations with true four-level, variable-drop greyscale print capability. The EFI Pro 16h is embedded EFI Fiery® proServer digital front end, featuring FAST RIP acceleration technology, plus RIP and print-on-demand functionality or the ability to print pre-ripped files at the printer interface

You also have a choice for EFI ProGraphics Series UV Inks to best meet your application needs, EFI – 3M™ ProGraphics UV ink for a wide range of flexible applications, including those that need to be stretched or heated or require the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty. EFI ProGraphics UV POP inks for the most diverse range of rigid board and flexible media printing of indoor and outdoor applications

Mr. Patel adds, the three layer white function is ultimate, as the customer can produce impressive day/night and block outs on rigid or clear films. Greater versatility with cool cure LED imaging, the printer’s mix of versatility, affordability and high-quality imaging drives greater profits and an expanding range of new product offerings.

Schedule your Virtual demo today; to compare the speed, productivity and the fantastic color gamut of EFI inks, along with a range of applications now possible with an entry level mid-level Production LED printer with the power of Efi White.

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