Hariway Lines upgrades to Digital UV Inkjet Efi-H1625RS for Traffic Signs

Hariway Lines has Installed EFI H1625-RS to fulfill the ever growing demands of Traffic safety Signs. Mr. Pandithurai Manikam, Owner of Hariway lines adds, we knew that the rapid pace of advancement in digital print technology would eventually create new industry standards in quality and productivity for the traffic signage business.

When we came across EFI H1625-RS, which is backed with 3M Ink Warranties, we were amazed. What intrigued us was the printer that can print signage that has a 12 year life span in a digital market, where five to seven years is the industry norm. The partnership between 3M and EFI was a big convincing point for us.

Mr. Sam Patel, CEO & Managing Director, Arrow Digital adds, the six spot colours specifically address the needs of regulated traffic applications (CMYKBR). Peace of mind in meeting regulatory compliance for colour, fade resistance, longevity, reflectivity, and image quality. The 65˝wide printer can print direct to 3M reflective media in roll, sheeted and mounted-to-rigid forms, and features new 3M UV inks for traffic signage applications.

The printer’s UV curing provides a marked productivity boost compared to Analog technology. With Analog/screen printing, you need to dry, up to 24 hours, which means several sheet drying racks floating around the building. When you print with H1625 RS, it comes out as a finished product, so no further wait and you can meet the strict deadlines which are always backed up with heavy penalties. 

Digital UV Inkjet Efi-H1625RS

Current traffic signs allow for peeling and other underperforming standards, with this platform the client/government and the driver on the road, is guaranteed the best product without any compromises.

Mr. Manikam adds, we cater to the roadside safety, tourism signage for local, state and central governments; police departments and railroad applications. To meet traffic regulations, is one of the biggest challenges, as all the regulations have to fall in place and within the stipulated timeline. The traditional way of printing or cut paste, involved a lot of wastage and rejection. Plus meeting the deadlines was proving to be difficult.

With the EFI H1625 RS we can Print digital image quality that meets the rigid requirements of the regulated sign segment while delivering fine lines, text, and smooth color transitions for tourism, way finding, and custom roadway signage, along with images and multi-color artifacts.

Arrow Digital Adds, the EFI H1625-RS and 3M inks are designed and tested to work as an optimal system that produces consistent quality and performance, backed by the finest warranties, like the 3M MCS.

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