PrinTEX DIGI leads the way with the Kornit HD6, Direct to Garment digital printer in Mumbai – By Arrow Digital

Arrow Digital is thrilled to announce its first Kornit Storm HD6 at PrinTEX DIGI, Mumbai. Mr. Sam Patel MD & CEO adds, we are very excited as we share the first installation at PrinTEX DIGI, who has been associated with Arrow since many years.

The Kornit Storm HD6, allows high-definition image quality and improved hand feel, with an enhanced color management experience. The Storm HD6 includes six color channels (CMYK, Red and Green) plus white, for a wider gamut and improved spot color matching. Users can easily reproduce the true colors of licensed sports teams and accurately match and repeat corporate logos.

This new HD system is an attractive choice for screen printers and digital printers for print runs between one and 500 garments. The print quality is enriched by ColorGATE’s professional RIP software adding advanced color management and screening capabilities, improved white base creation and pre-defined color libraries for the ultimate color matching.

The founder of PrinTEX DIGI Mr. Umang Jhunjhunwala is in the industry for more than a decade and has expanded his capabilities in DTG industry . Mr. Umang adds, we are very much excited to explore the new opportunities in the rapidly growing DTG Sector. The emerging global trends of personalisation, online shopping/e-commerce, social media impact, as well as consumer awareness for sustainability are forcing garment/apparel printers to understand the need to go Digital.

Green technologies, better quality and on demand short runs are now the trend. With social media and e-commerce, this is increasing the demand and has convinced us to move to digital and add a sustainable option.

The HD technology is created to accelerate production speeds and volume, users enjoy unparalleled print quality, and fast turnarounds, and. The Kornit Storm HD6 provides a non-stop production workflow that enables garment loading while printing. It features dual-pallets, fully automated processes and an advanced user-friendly front-end. Specifically engineered for 24/7 non-stop industrial use, the advanced machine controller enables multi-function operational efficiency that also increases your production speed.

Additional benefits of Kornit Printing technology are; it eliminates Pretreatment separately as this is the only wet on wet digital printer on the market, and is capable of printing almost all type of fabrics. As this is a non contact printing process, you can print finished garments, over buttons, zippers, pockets and much more.  Kornit is complete water free technology which helps you to stay sustainable.  

The HD technology continues to be a success story. The screen-like look and feel meets the market demands that are growing significantly. No screens, no mess; instant prints of your choice in excellent quality and bright colors with the most eco-friendly inks on demand. Print one or print thousands of T-shirts, apparels, masks, aprons, bags, hoodies and much more.

Mr. Jhunjunwala adds, we have been studying this market for some time and with the help of Arrow Digital and their excellent team we have already charted out a road map for more printers, faster and better in this segment.

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