MASSIVit 1800 Pro



The Massivit 1800 Pro offers high performance, flexibility and control for large-scale, fast 3D printing. Operators can predefine Variable Resolutions for cost efficiency and its Mega Quality resolution combines strength and quality. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, advanced slicing algorithms, and remote monitoring and operations!


Layer Thickness

• Normal (1.3mm)
• Quality (1mm)
• High Resolution (0.8mm)

Supported Materials

• Dimengel 90 – All-purpose, cost-friendly
• Dimengel 100 – All-purpose/ translucent

Workflow efficiency:

Material system

Single material system

Cleaning mechanism

Auto cleaning (time-based)

Massivit SMART Slicer

  • Integrated user-friendly software plus 1 Massivit SMART Slicer license (purchased separately).
  • Sophisticated algorithms for easy file preparation.
  • Includes instant estimator tool plus.

Advanced Monitoring

Camera on printing head tip for monitoring.

Remote Control

Remote monitoring, operations and support available via a range of computers, tablets, and phones.



No. of printing heads 2
Unprecedented printing speed 300 mm/sec linear speed
35cm /13.7” on Z axis per hour*
Printing quality Normal/ Quality/ High Resolution/ Mega-Quality/ Variable Resolution
Maximum printing volume 145cm x 111cm x 180cm or 57” x 44” x 70”
Supported materials Proprietary Dimengel 100
Integrated software Massivit Smart Pro (complimentary)
Remote control via tablet Yes