Massivit 5000



The Massivit 5000 large-scale 3D printer brings to market a new category in additive manufacturing. Offering 30x the production speed of other technologies, it enables manufacturers and service bureaus in the automotive, marine, and rail industries to produce large, custom parts within a matter of hours instead of weeks.


Layer Thickness

• Fast (1.5mm) – Double the speed for large, robust models.
• Normal (1.3mm)
• Quality (1mm)
• High Resolution (0.8mm)
• High Definition (0.5mm) – Extra smooth, fine details.

Special printing modes

• Mega-Quality (Rapid, high quality printing of large objects allowing gel cost efficiency)
• Variable Resolution (Predefine multiple resolutions per model according to required strength and quality)
• Mold Mode (Produce architectural elements, restorations, street furniture.. with concrete or plaster casting)

Supported Materials

• Dimengel 90 – All-purpose, cost-friendly
• Dimengel 100 – All-purpose/ translucent
• Dimengel 110 – High definition and enhanced model fidelity

Workflow efficiency:-

Material System

Double material system – Print with a different material on each print head according to application requirements.

Cleaning mechanism

Print head camera with image recognition provides automated efficient cleaning as required

Massivit SMART Slicer

  • Integrated user-friendly software plus advanced Massivit SMART Pro Slicer – 2 complimentary licenses.
  • Sophisticated algorithms for easy file preparation. Includes Estimator Tool plus additional features and modes such as Mold Mode, Variable Resolution, and Mega-Quality.
  • Additional automation features to increase workflow efficiency.

Advanced Monitoring

  • Camera on printing head tip for monitoring. Additional 40” flat panel screen displays live output from 3 internal cameras plus recording capability for marketing purposes.

Remote Control

  • Remote monitoring, operations and support available via a range of computers,
    tablets, and phones.