Post-Covid – Emerging needs of E-commerce

Today the world is still experiencing uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic while its impact can be observed differently in different countries. Throughout this year, the pandemic has made a drastic change not only in our eating or living styles but also has changed the shopping mindsets and behaviors of customers.

Today, a majority of people have been working from home and have been afraid of going into crowded places to shop. Instead, they are searching for online options from where they can buy products right from the comfort of their homes.

However, it is a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled people to shop online rather than to visit the physical store and buy the items. However, market experts have envisaged that this shopping behavior of the consumers will be observed post-pandemic, too which will introduce a new market age.

The Changing Scenario Of Textile Industry

Though many industries have made drastic changes in their products or quality during this pandemic, the textile industry is one of them that has changed the way clothes were getting manufactured, printed, or weaved. People, today, are more inclined towards customization and are seeking customization in almost everything they eat or wear. With the increasing inventions coming each day in the industry, there is a huge demand for the online ‘print-on-demand’ concept among consumers.

Hence, the garment manufacturers have started leveraging the best tech-advanced equipment such as high-tech DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printers that will give their clothes a great finish and appealing look! However, currently, these customized clothes are in high demand and are available on e-commerce websites from where you can shop online from your home!


KORNIT has been a name of trust among the customers looking for efficacious printing solutions. It does not matter the location and size of your textile business, Kornit will offer comprehensive printing solutions right from the entry-level to mass production.

Kornit industrial DTG printers offer outstanding HD printing quality at the most cost-effective price. It works all well with the high volumes and also has a faster turnaround time. These printers are so efficient that they offer mass customization digital printing solutions along with the top speed that will naturally increase your profitability from the start! So, for your all needs for e-commerce even after post-covid, KORNIT could be your true companion…

Sustainability- For the Better Tomorrow

We all know that the customers’ demands keep changing and hence sustainability must not be kept as an option. However, more focus should be on making the manufacturing workflow well-versed and adaptable in order to save the environment. Hence, KORNIT highly emphasizes ‘sustainability’ while investing hugely in reducing its environmental impact. Their DTG Printers develop excellent digital printing solutions that are indeed more eco-friendly.


KORNIT DTG printers follow a waterless printing process where very less water is needed for fabric printing, pre-coating.

Reduce Waste

On-demand print creates zero waste and also lowers down the inventory. It provides high design diversity and is completely risk-free.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

KORNIT DTG printers incorporate green technology that generates no toxic fumes, no waste effluents, no pollutants while reducing manufacturing location limitations. This all results in reduced carbon footprints.

Safer Products

These DTG Printers have inbuilt features that support environment conservation while the inks used for printing the garments are completely non-hazardous and delivers excellent print quality.

So, why wait? If you are having your own business of T-shirt or other garment printing then choose among the topmost KORNIT DTG printer models offered by Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd. which is the only leading solution provider that offers extensive eco-friendly solutions. Fulfill all business requirements with these advanced printers and enhance your business of garment printing with KORNIT DTG printers not just during covid pandemic but also post-covid situations.

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