Backlit Printing Made Easy with EFI Roll 2 Roll Printers

The EFI Vutek Printers go beyond simple printing jobs to provide an advanced printing experience. Featuring a rich collection of options, it turns this digital printer into a multi-purpose unit. Out of all its advanced features, the roll-to-roll printing feature is a brilliant addition, with tremendous potential for quality output and satisfying customers.

Before moving on to anything else, we think it’s important to highlight what roll-to-roll printers actually are. Roll to Roll printers can print on most of the flexible substrates with ease and perfection. The inks are powerful enough and don’t leave any room for distortion, peeling, cracking, or fading. With Roll 2 Roll Printers you can print huge billboards up to 5 meters. EFI has a series of Roll to Roll to cover all your printing needs.

Now, let’s look at some of the features of EFI Roll 2 Roll Printers

  1. Automatic Double Side  Backlit Printing

In backlit printing, a translucent film is used to enhance the overall design of your images. The EFI Digital Printer makes backlit printing very easy. It uses two cameras, a LED strip, and a fully automatic system to give you a stunning image and a three-dimensional appearance. Long story short, it makes the image more real-life .

The best part about it is it is a self-sufficient method, requiring little interference from the operator. Since the images are crystal-clear, it eliminates the need for guesswork. Backlit signs are designed to be viewed mainly when illuminated from the back, while the ambient lighting natural daylight or artificial – serves to compliment the viewing conditions, displaying striking, eye popping images around the clock. Backlits are often used outdoors for bus shelters, directional signage and indoors in large spaces, such as malls, airports, train stations and much more.

  1. Automatic Blockout Printing 

Automatic blockout printing is the process of printing on both sides of an opaque blockout media. This ensures flawless registration between both sides. As the name suggests, it is a fully automatic procedure and requires no manual manipulation. Blockout printing for double-sided hanging signs and banners is automated by this innovative system, which combines hardware and software to achieve perfect registration between sides. This results in flawless registration on both sides of the media. This Process Includes a set of optical sensors and dedicated software for a streamlined workflow. This process is usually used for double-sided hanging banners and signs like shopping malls, flags and much more. The workflow is efficiently streamlined and doesn’t require user expertise to deliver excellent results.

Benefits Of EFI Vutek Roll 2 Roll Printers

The EFI Vutek Roll 2 Roll printers offer all these functions and much more. They focus on delivering quality and high-performance printing at affordable rates and with enhanced speed.

Given below are a few advantages of EFI roll to roll digital printer:

    • 3M MCS Technology
    • Five-layer printing
    • EFI UItraDropTM Technology
  • “Cold Cure” UV LED Technology
  • GreenGuard Gold and Greenguard Certified
  • White, Clear Options available for unlimited possibilities
  • Roll to Roll Optional Power Tools – Y Slitters, Roll to Sheet X Cutter, ID Backprint, Sheet Collector, Roll & Tape, Automatic Backlit, Automatic Blockout, White, Seven Color Option, Clear Ink Option

With all these features and benefits, the EFI digital printer has gained tremendous market popularity and continues to offer innumerable benefits to its users. Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd sells these awestruck printers. To know more about these printers get in touch with us.

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