Maximize Your Business with EFI Wide Format Printers

EFI Wide Format printer

Wide Format printers are large-format computer-controlled printers that use inkjet technology to print on varieties of outputs like glossy coated papers for posters and signups, types of vinyl, textiles, wood, glass, metal, greenboard and much more.

The EFI Wide Format Printer

EFI is a widely renowned printing solutions brand focusing on maximizing your businesses via their successful printing solutions. The EFI Wide format printer proves to be one of the best wide-format printers in the market today owing to its superior technologies and features. The EFI Wide format Printers are the perfect solution for your business as they prepare businesses to survive and profit in the ever-competitive world and at the same time offer economical printing solutions.

Investing in the EFI Wide format printers eliminates your outsourcing problems and fastens your production processes.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the EFI Wide Format Printers

The printers use LED technology that increases your profit and reduces your operating costs and energy consumptions. The LED technology offers a high-resolution print quality and rescues your waste via a consistent color output and simple operation method.

Further, the printer comes with a built-in lightbox, an integrated mesh kit and a wrinkle analyzer and backlit proofing lights offering a modern and convenient printing production process.

The EFI Wide Format Printers have great productivity and can print up to 3.2 meters wide. Few of the EFI Wide Format Printers come with EFI -3M Inks which quality the 3M Warranties. Above all these inks are GreenGuard Gold and GreenGuard Certified and are also RoHS Certified. The Green Inks open up more possibilities to enter in the Brands and Retail Market.

Maximise Your Business With EFI Wide Format Printers

  • The EFI Wide Format Printers Open Up New Marketing Avenues For Your Business

By investing in the EFI Wide format printers, you can churn out eye-catching posters, banners, cutouts, etc., that aims at increasing brand awareness, boost visibility and attract a wide range of potential customers, ultimately resulting in a maximized business. Wide Format printing gives you an edge over your competitors who are only focused on digital marketing strategies.

Lowers Your Production Costs For Professionally Printed Marketing Materials

As the EFI wide format printers are digital, you need no heavy and expensive plates for creating high-quality prints quicker and in a more economical manner. If you are on a budget for printing large marketing materials, then investing in EFI Wide format printers will maximize your business by lowering production costs.

Helps Your Business Stand Out In The Market

When you invest in a wide format printer, you make your business stand out in the market! Your marketing materials are polished, well-defined, printed with clear and sharp colors having high-resolution images. It shows your audience that you are serious about your business and are here to stay. It helps take your business’s brand to a whole new level and offer a superior and quality-centric appeal.

Helps Your Business Manufacturer Large Scale Posters or Several Large Scale Printing Operations Quickly

Massive blowouts, posters, pictures are the ideal way of catching your customer’s attention. You need high-quality graphics and colors if you want your business to stand out in today’s competitive market.

You want to capture people’s attention. How do you do this? Investing in EFI Wide Format Printers that print out larger than life posters, cutouts etc., that helps you maximize your business in the market.

They Speed Up Your Business Production And Offer An Alternative Media Channel

EFI’s wide format printers have a high-speed printing out large media items quickly and speeding up your production process.

With other printer types, you are limited to the media you select to print on owing to the paper tray size and the material thickness your machine can handle. Many other technologies need specialized material, EFI works with most of the Substrates.

These printers can easily print on several media types and thickness. They can be easily used to stay connected with new industry trends like wallpapers and several decorative art forms, thereby offering an alternative media channel for maximizing your business.

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