Buy Responsibly, Print Responsibly with Kornit

Today, several people are becoming aware of the growing need for purchasing sustainable products to help protect the environment. However, almost all sectors across the globe have been taking a step ahead to produce eco-friendly products to contribute to the environment. The textile industry is one of those leading sectors that is contributing hugely in delivering sustainable products to its customers.

KORNIT, the giant in the field of DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing is solely focused on future-proofing the manufacturing workflow. The organization is adopting technologies that will automatically reduce climate change as well as preserve the world’s precious resources. Sustainability is the biggest value of the company and invests high effort as well as resources in lowering the company’s environmental footprint.

It is for this reason that buying responsibility and printing responsibility with Kornit products becomes truly profitable!

Let us see in this blog how KORNIT products aid in saving the environment with their highly sustainable products.

Reduced Waste

Kornit takes advantage of on-demand textile printing technologies that result in sustainable products. With advanced technology, KORNIT assures tight control over inventory while speeding up the products and zero waste. This offers great diversity and is completely risk-free.

No Water Consumption

Since water is the most precious resource, we must preserve it. KORNIT has incorporated technology that produces zero water waste while offering a sustainable print platform. It believes that water pollution is the biggest environmental concern and this is what makes the company think of bringing the waterless treatment method for printing Garments.

No Carbon Footprint

We all know that digital technologies make use of a very little fraction of traditional textile printing methods. However, sustainable manufacturing processes deliver low carbon footprint and in some cases, the footprint is literally Zero. This is made possible owing to the green energy being used to manufacture in line as well as on-demand printing requirements. It helps save energy and in doing so it will automatically reduce carbon emissions. Green technology being used by the KORNIT products, assures that no pollutants or toxic fumes have been used which assures that the products will be undoubtedly eco-friendly.

Usage Of Clean Products

KORNIT is truly committed to green certification and its products hardly contain any harmful substance. Each of the products is fully certified and abides by the regulatory guidelines of the textile industry. Additionally, its inks are completely environmentally friendly and are safe for children as well.

It is hence said you can buy responsibility with KORNIT!

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Contact now and contribute to the environment!

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