EFI Vutek Q5r

EFI Q5r / Q3r – The Best in its Class

EFI has launched its VUTEK Q series roll-to-roll printers to bring the best image quality at high speeds in the roll-to-roll printing industry.

EFI VUTEK Q3r and Q5r offer the best in class print to finished graphic workflow right from arrival to the finished product on the equivalent platform. The biggest assets of these VUTEK series printers are the automatic inline quality inspection, Roll and tape, in-line slitting and cutting, and much more on its list.

Amazing Technicalities- Printing Made Easy

EFI VUTEK Q3r and Q5r deliver superb white ink printing performance in single as well as multi-layer print modes. The white and clear in printing is made in a combination to deliver the enhanced designing of the application possibilities across all channels.

With this super wide roll-to-roll printer, continuous printing with very minimal supervision becomes very simple. However, there are several media handling solutions for large and heavy rolls. The most special feature of this VUTEK Q series printer is that you will find a distinctive set of optional Power Tools that helps minimize waste, automate the processes, expand the application offerings, and deliver enhanced usability while increasing profitability to a greater extent.

Let us understand point by point what makes VUTEK Q series printers the best in their class.

The UltraDrop Technology

The UltraDrop Technology used in these printers has native 7 pL print heads that have true multidrop accessibility for delivering high definition image quality, gradients, transitions, and excellent smoothness in shadows. The technology also delivers superb text quality with three-point text in both high and standard quality along with great clarity in every print mode.

These printers have up to nine colors including standard CMYK and optional LC, LM, LK, clear and white coats.

  • VUTEK Q3r can print up to 6,006 ft²/hr.


  • VUTEK Q5r can print up to 7,233 ft²/hr.

Moreover, these roll-to-roll printers have a true resolution of up to 1200 DPI.

The World’s Best LED Features

EFI has incorporated the industry-leading LED curing technology that helps save a lot of costs and offers several environmental benefits.

EFI VUTEK Q series roll to roll printers also embrace this technology that expands the overall range of supported substrates including the added value specialty media and lower cost.

The LED feature of the VUTEK Q series enhances productivity as well as uptime with its instant-on or off feature and low maintenance. This feature drives down the operating costs tremendously with low energy consumption to as low as 2.9 kilowatts. What is more amazing about this feature is that there are very few other consumable parts that save a lot from your pocket. The LED feature of these series contributes usually to reduce the waste while delivering consistent color output and you need not be panic since this feature has a very simple operation.

Since Q3r and Q5r embrace this amazing LED curing Technology, they can easily satisfy the customer request for a greener print solution having low VOCs, reduced waste, as well as consumables, and very low power consumption. The Inks are 3M MCS Qualified and Greenguard Certified.

VUTEK Q Series Goes Versatile With Optional Power Tools

The Vutek Q series roll to roll printers deliver versatile media handling capability that supports a wide variety of flexible media including multirole free fall, 3.5 meter and 5.2-meter super duty winder, and motorized Winder.

The optional Power Tools of these best-in-class printers encompass-

  • White printing
  • Clearcoat Ink
  • X Cutters
  • Y Slitters,
  • InSpec
  • Roll & Tape,
  • Automatic Backlit
  • Media Spreaders,

And Much More.

EFI VUTEK Q Series printers have brought a real breakthrough in the printing market and assure 100% excellent outputs.

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