Greenboard – The Sustainable Solutions for Brands and Retail Giants

Greenboard – The Sustainable Solutions for Brands and Retail Giants

Following the policy of advocating environmental health, many printer manufacturers are working towards reformulating their products eco-friendly. Right from expanding their Environmental Initiatives and Delivering Eco-Friendly Solutions, worldwide has become the main focus of the brands.

Sustainability is a constantly improving process that requires a commitment throughout the whole supply chain of a business and is an essential consideration that companies must practice.

Green Printing products are the latest innovations that include biodegradable ideas. The printing and packaging industries are eagerly taking initiatives incorporating green products for printing purposes.

In the printing industries, Arrow Digital brings unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable green solutions that provide high-quality output and enable the business to contribute to the betterment of the environment.

The importance of the environment and global warming has caught great attention, and everyone is trying from their side to go green. Even The corporate and printing-production houses are highly conscious and accepting the greener ideas by embracing it as one of the best alternatives to conventional printing.

Arrow greenboard is the best alternative for your conventional digital printing needs because:

  • The greenboard is PVC-free foam boards and does not contain any plastics compared to the plastic-coated boards.
  • The green board offers exceptional image quality along with appealing colors.
  • The greenboard is scratch-resistant with a low glass level and has minimized differential gloss which dries faster and holds handling properties like cut bend and crease.
  • Greenboard is a biodegradable and contemporary green solution for printings.
  • Greenboard is one of the best materials with optimum stiffness, rigidity, and perfect surface, superior aesthetics values, the undeviating strength and creative scope of this board is at no comparison.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness is from 1 mm to 3.50 mm with the tolerance of +-3%
  • Moisture content has 7% with a tolerance of +- 5%
  • It has 0% flatness tolerance of -0,2/ +1,5 %
  • Stiffness in Table MD- From 1400 Taber to 3500 Taber with a tolerance of +- 15%.


Arrow Green Board has provided durability and can be widely used for

  • POS signage
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Commercial posters for indoors and outdoors
  • School applications
  • Household applications
  • Packaging events, and much more.

Primary features of Arrow digital Green Board are


Arrow green board is suitable for modern digital printers such as EFI VUTEK and other UV platforms as this board has excellent green capabilities. It is lightweight and is an ideal solution for an array of advertising and promotional applications.


The green boards are simple to use. Anyone with printing knowledge can efficiently operate greenboards to match printing requirements. The board has fast-drying and holds properties like cut, bend, and crease, convenient for printing outcomes.


Arrow Greenboard is available in various choices such as Red, Black, fluorescent, silver, metallic, blue, and custom colours.

The product can make the world greener by offering its creative innovations.

GreenBoard is one of the most prominent and ground-breaking moves in the modern printing domain as green printing solutions are becoming the future. With the best technology, it allows the brands to be a friend with the environment.

To get all the latest updates on the Green Solution, stay in touch with Arrow Digital Pvt Ltd, a 360 degree solution provider from Printer to Inks to Printing Substrates.

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