Kongsberg XE

KONGSBERG XE – Game Changer In The Packaging Industry

Are you searching for a new cutting table to meet the huge demand in 2022? It’s simple – we’re a cut above the rest! Introducing Kongsberg XE cutting table that is built on over 50 years of technical mastery and Innovation. 

The Kongsberg XE is a smaller format platform digital cutting table. It is designed to provide a fast, high-quality solution for making sample and short term production of folding cartons.

Sampling plays a very important role in any packaging production process. In addition, Kongsberg has the most accurate slicing tables to make your samples more attractive. The Kongsberg XE is the best choice  if you want to make samples from a variety of materials. We can also do small-scale production and other packaging operations! 

If you want a perfect digital finishing solution by which you can outclass others both in productivity and precision then Kongsberg XE is the best fit for it. The cutting table is assisted by a rack and pinion x/y drive with precise motion control,  a new, fast servo system and complete tool set, the XE table delivers high operational speed and precision with easy operation. 

Incredible Results With Highest Quality: The Kongsberg XE is the perfect digital sample making table that provides the fast results at the highest quality for folding cartons and more. It comes along with a wide range of specialty tools that offer speed; power and flexibility. By this way it automatically handles a wide variety of materials common in sample making such as corrugated folding carton; solid board; foam; coating blankets, wood and long list of plastic.

The Kongsberg XE is much more than a sample making table; it is the best solution for the production of a varnish blanket for offset printing. The Kongsberg XE can produce partial cuts with exact depths along with the perfect registration for the printing press and hence it is cost efficient for the preparation of spot varnishing blankets for commercial print work and folding carton packaging.

Kongsberg digital cutters are top notch and give you the precision you need to get the job done. Kongsberg digital finishers are ideal for sign manufacturers, packaging suppliers, display markets and more. So don’t hesitate to buy a Kongsberg cutting system and get the exact print set your customers are demanding.

To purchase a Kongsberg cutting system, please contact Arrow Digital Pvt Ltd. Arrow is the only complete solution provider for a wide range of presses and  substrates! 

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