Kornit Atlas Max – The 3D Revolution in DTG Printing

Kornit, a pioneer in Direct to Garment (DTG) Printers, has recently launched a revolutionary printer which is way ahead of the competition. With the Atlas Max, it’s time to MAXIMIZE the capabilities and opportunities in the new era. Arrow Digital is very optimistic about the new technology as it will set new standards in direct to garment printing.

Due to the significant innovations that DTG printing technology has brought over the years, it has become an excellent revolution in advancing your designing style of garments. You can get an accomplished business with the Kornit Atlas MAX.

Kornit Atlas Max is the modern standard for high-volume, on-demand direct-to-garment production and has eco-friendly business conduct.

DTG is the future of printing. It offers a classic finish for designs with multiple colors. It allows on-demand printings with high quality and long-lasting; that is why DTG printings are rising and getting popular in the printing sector. It is no harm in saying that Kornit Atlas Max possesses all these qualities and is The Revolution in DTG Printing.

MAX technology surpasses industry norms for retail quality on multiple fabric types and breaks new grounds of versatility with previously unattainable print applications, significantly expanding the reach of digital on-demand textile production into the center of mainstream fashion and apparel.

Kornit’s MAX XDi Technology

A key feature of Kornit’s MAX technology is XDi, which delivers revolutionary 3D capabilities for new, high-density graphic decoration that can simulate embroidery, vinyl, and heat transfer in a single, waste-free digital process. The new XDi, which is based on Kornit’s patents, allows fulfillers and brands to expand their offerings to include new-to-market, innovative decorations without the inefficiencies and cost of operating analog technologies.

ActiveLoad Automation Technology

Kornit also debuted the ActiveLoad Automation technology, a new robotic system to significantly ease the burden of manual and labor-intensive media handling in the textile decoration industry.

What should you know about Kornit Atlas Max?

  • It is powered by advanced MAX technology
  • It has Enhanced print durability
  • Eco Rapid ink set with Eco-Fix Fixation
  • Eco rapid QFix and Intensifier
  • It can Reduce staining on challenging fabrics
  • Robust & user-friendly production
  • The single setup for multiple fabrics and needs
  • It includes 3D effect & high-density printing
  • CO2-neutral, GOTS, and OEKO TEX approved.

Kornit Atlas Max printed applications have a specialty in DTG printings which provides:

  • Superior colour-matching.
  • Handling all kinds of designs.
  • Photo-realism.
  • Discharge ink combined with excellent hand-feel.

This method of printing is well-defined and produces high-quality results.

The benefits of Kornit Atlas Max DTG printers are

Printing applications

Kornit’s Atlas Max printings do not limit your business with t-shirts and cloth printing. It also allows you to print on accessories such as bags, scarves, shoes, caps, napkins, and the list goes on.


Now personalised prints on t-shirts are becoming quite trendy, maybe for celebrations, events or merchandise. The demand for it increases, and DTG Kornit Atlas Max allows you to assist your production efforts. You may attract a broad audience while expanding your business.

Detailed designs

DTG gives you the power over the design and creation of the content you want to print on the garment. The outcome of DTG printing gives you an outstanding result with the minor detailing of designs that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Your business can also utilise customised and personalised client requirements by Web-to-print. You can just attach your electronic device, and you can print the same design  appearing on your screen over the garment.

Retail Quality Standards

Kornit Atlas max is produced with DXI technology, which consistently delivers the highest retail quality and durable standards to fulfil leading brands.


DTG printers are more environmentally friendly than other printing methods because you directly print them on the cloth, so there’s no mass wastage, energy consumption and water usage. Kornit operates in a sustainable, efficient manner that is essentially more environment-friendly.

To know more about this revolutionary technology and to see a Virtual demo, feel free to contact Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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