Massivit 5000 – Designed to Expedite Large-Scale Manufacturing, Prototyping, Tooling for Automotive, Marine, and Rail Industries

The adoption of 3D printing has reached the demanding masses as earlier 3D printing was only for prototyping and one-off manufacturing but now is rapidly transforming into a production technology. As everything is evolving, 3D printing technology is dedicated to modify almost every primary industry and improve the way we live, work, and play in the future. 3D printing allows the production of complex shapes by applying less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

The Massivit 5000 is a large-scale 3D printer that delivers to market a new category in additive manufacturing. Offering 30x the production speed of other technologies by letting manufacturers and service bureaus in the automotive, marine, and rail industries produce large, custom parts within hours instead of weeks.

3D printing contains many forms of technologies and materials that are almost easy and quick and utilized in virtually all industries.

Some of the examples of 3d printings are:

  • Consumer products like eyewear, footwear, design, furniture
  • Industrial products like manufacturing tools,
  • Prototypes, functional end-use parts
  • Dental products
  • Prosthetics
  • Architectural scale models & maquettes
  • Reconstructing fossils
  • Replicating ancient artefacts
  • Reconstructing evidence in forensic pathology
  • Movie props, etc.
  • Visual Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Crowd-stopping signage
  • Displays, and props
  • Education and Research

The Massivit 5000 is an industrial large-format 3D printer for visual communication with detailed customization and can quickly produce lightweight, vibrant 3D prints.

Technical specifications of Massivit 5000

Build volume: 1450 x 1110 x 1800mm

Print speed: 300mm/s

Printheads: 2 heads

Layer thickness: 0.5mm (HD) – 1.5mm (Fast)

Remote monitoring: Yes

Slicer: Massivit SMART Pro Slicer

Introducing to some of the best Features of Massivit 3D printers

  • Dimingel 110

Massivit 5000 adds a new printing gel-Dimingel 110 material that facilitates high-definition printing and great accuracy to CAD designs and enables print optimizations according to layer thickness and speed requirements.

  • Two print modes

Massivit 5000 a 3d printing service with two new print modes– Fast mode and HD mode. The former prints with thicker layers, and the latter is recommended for high-performance parts where dimension accuracy is essential.

Fast mode resembles the print speed, and the lower the ink volume, the quicker the ink will dry, which results in fast printouts.

HD Mode gives an unbelievable range of tonal briefs of combining exposures resulting in a high-quality, detailed printout.

  • Print Monitoring System

The Massivit 5000 appears with a new automated print monitoring system that points the camera at the two printheads. The printer’s software can modify print parameters like the layer height and frame resolution in real-time, including both print speed and print quality where it is required. Also, it fabricates with more care and responsibility with the sections of parts that need to be printed in a higher resolution.

Massivit 5000 is a hype in the market with this additive manufacturing system, and features authorize manufacturers to overcome existing limitations in production speed, size, and complexity. The Massivit 3D printers deliver up to 30x the throughput when compared to existing manufacturing technologies. It is a significant printer that is transforming large parts across multiple industries by minimizing post-processing time, high-quality and detailed outcomes.

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