Kornit Poly Pro : The Single-Step Process for Printing on Polyester

If you have been seeking for the top class polyester printing then your search ends here. Because Kornit digital has introduced the smartest solution for polyester printing which is KORNIT Avalanche Polypro. This is the most efficient as well as a single-step process for the printing on polyester. The printer has drastically transformed how the textile industry would print on polyester.

Let us understand more about this incredible printing machine in this blog.

KORNIT Poly Pro – The True Printing Companion

KORNIT Avalanche Poly pro is an advanced printer machine that is completely based on the latest cutting-edge NeoPoly technology. It enables on-demand and customized polyester products where you don’t need any minimum quantity per order. You can start with a minimum of one garment. This ensures reduced waste along with saving a lot of the natural resources. Thus, bringing true SUSTAINABILITY!

The printer has an excellent white base opacity that offers weed and long-lasting graphics. However, the printer is precisely paired with the NeoPigment Olympia Ink that delivers ingenious color quality.

KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro helps prevent dye migration while preserving the original fabric properties. Moreover, the printer has a lot more digital advantages over polyester and it enables vectors as well as photo-realistic files. So whatever your polyester printing needs are, KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro is all set to print the desired design on the polyester.

Talking about its material compatibility, Avalanche Polypro can easily print on a variety of polyester fabrics such as knits, woven, polyblends such as poly lycra for poly cotton, and on different fabric textures.

Why KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro?

Before buying any printer for our business, we understand the basic functions and what advantages that printer offers. So let us see the specialties of the Kornit polypro printer and why you should buy it without a second thought.

KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro has a unique single-step process for both dark and white polyester that results in saving a lot of time along with delivering high-quality print. Even if there is a need for short-run printing, the poly pro printer proofs to be genuinely profitable from the very first print you will get.

Moreover, the polyester industry has set some high durability standards which KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro meets flawlessly. This assures that the print you will get will have a long life and its print quality will not be hampered.

KORNIT has an ingenious mission of bringing sustainable fashion across the globe. Hence, all of its excellent products meet global sustainability requirements which is why Kornit is gaining high popularity in the textile printing domain.

Technical specifications

KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro can produce a maximum of 85 dark garments and 106 light garments. It has 4 ink colors available which is a CMYK+white+poly enhancer. The printer has a maximum printing resolution up to 1200 dpi in which the circulation system is completely integrated assuring the ink is spread uniformly on the material. However, polyester and polyester blends are the true printable substrates of the polypro printer.

So, what are you thinking about? Leave your worries behind about polyester printing and get this amazing and awestruck KORNIT Avalanche Poly Pro printer right away! Get it from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is the only solution provider of KORNIT Digital Printers in India.

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