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UV printing : Better Option for Rigid Substrates

Flatbed digital printers are gaining high popularity and demand in today’s competitive world. These printers print on a variety of materials such as ceramic tile, paperboard, wood, glass, stainless steel and much more. Not least, but these printers can also print on large substrates as well. Additionally, these printers are environmental-friendly as well as economical and assure high productivity and enhanced quality. Thus, there will be low indoor air pollution during printing procedures.

Though these printers may have some limitations that could be overlooked due to the other outstanding features they offer. So, let us dive into understanding more about the best flatbed printers.

Direct printing involves feeding a blank sheet to the machine and the sheet is directly printed without the need of any other film or sticker to be pasted on it. This form of printing has a lot of benefits over the traditional form of vinyl pasting

Printing directly on any Sheet is much faster than Vinyl pasting. With UV Printing you directly have the ready sheet for use, while Vinyl needs to be first printed and then pasted on Sunboard/ Sunpack or MDF. Which involves human involvement and time consuming. One little mistake and you lose the material as well as the inks used to print on Vinyl. Direct Printing is economical when everything is evaluated – Time, Efforts, Labour and Material Cost.

The Most important is durability, as you don’t have a threat of Peeling. The major problems seen with vinyl applications are peeling edges. When you print a sheet directly, there is no question of any print peeling or scraping since the inks are UV cured and therefore they stay well for a long time.

Moreover printing with EFI Genuine UV Inks, increases the outdoor durability and protects them from various outdoor issues. Printing with EFI UV Inks provides you with Greenguard and Greenguard gold certifications, which help you to be sustainable. If different shapes have to be achieved, vinyl pasting will face hurdles and will consume time. While UV Prints have to just go through Digital Process to achieve various kinds of shapes and size, moreover with Vinyl pasting it loses the originality as the base material is covered with a sticker.

EFI Gives you a choice to select the Inks according to your application:

  • EFI – 3M™ ProGraphics UV ink for a wide range of flexible applications, including those that need to be stretched or heated or require the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty
  • EFI ProGraphics UV POP inks for the most diverse range of rigid board and flexible media printing of indoor and outdoor applications
  • EFI ProGraphics UV Rigid inks provide the best surface mar resistance and are ideal for printing on specialty rigid media, such as lenticular lenses, steel, aluminum and wood.

EFI Pro 24f Flatbed Printer

The EFI Pro 24f prints high-value applications, such as lenticulars, membrane switches, photographic backlit displays and irregularly shaped and heavy objects. It boasts print speeds up to 1157 ft2/hr, 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality and low curing temperatures that enable substrate diversity for higher-margin work. The EFI Pro 24f expands the possibilities and helps to serve customers in better and broader ways.

It is amazingly flexible and is able to handle media as thick as a 2 inch block of wood or as thin as a window cling. This flexibility makes the EFI Pro 24f stand ahead from its competition. The EFI Pro 24f leverages variable drop grayscale printhead technology and four colors plus dual channels of white to produce precise, high quality applications on a wide variety of substrates, thin or thick, large or small. A multi-zoned vacuum table holds media of different sizes, helping to ensure tight registration and reliably high image quality.

EFI Pro 30f Flatbed Printer

EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer has everything that the best class flatbed printer could offer. The printer gives you the liberty to print on thicker media that is up to 10 cm thick media. It has a very large bed size that allows large size media to be printed. The efficacious printer encompasses top-notch white ink, accurate double-sided printing with numerous beneficial features with which you can print a lot more applications. The main motive of introducing the printer in the market is that it should offer a lower cost per print!

EFI Pro 30f has a truly competitive cost with enhanced productivity and user-friendliness. You must buy this printer that will prove truly beneficial to your business growth since it is best known for unbelievable productivity and speed. With it, you can easily print a number of materials and applications through its wide-format printing ability specialty substrates.

Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd is the foremost organization that offers EFI Pro flatbed printers along with other outstanding printers at an affordable cost. Use these efficacious printers that will help you elevate your business growth with lively and top-class prints!

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