Kornit Presto – The Only Single Step Solution for DTF Printing

Kornit is the pioneer in developing a cohesive range of printers for DTG (Direct to Garment) and DTF (Direct to Fabric) that have brought a revolution in the garment / fabric printing industry and have carved a niche for itself. Their revolutionary move has led to the introduction of single-step printing and has opened newer opportunities. The path-breaking printing technology has brought fashion to home, textile markets and the eCommerce segment as well.

The Intricacies Of DTF / DTG Printing

Kornit employs its exquisite NeoPigment™ ink technology along with various chemistry solutions and wetting additives within the printing process. This enables multi-function and mass printing possible without the requirement of any external pretreatment or posttreatment. The 100% sustainable printing process is unparalleled and assures utmost precision at all times. One of the striking features of Kornit DTF printing is its flexibility and compatibility. Kornit is embedded with a simple and ergonomic interface. It can operate seamlessly on many fabric types. So now, whatever one wants to print a textile or fabric for fashion, furnishing, home, décor, interior etc. Kornit makes it possible to print on an array of material type with utmost accuracy and perfection.

Innovation And Much More

Kornit is known for its vision and lure for creativity. It constantly strives to update and upgrade its product range and come up with some creative solutions in the printing sector. Kornit has introduced the avant-garde NeoPigment™ ink technology, which has turned the tables in the printing industry. The NeoPigment™ ink technology has eliminated the need for pre and post-treatment as well as processes. It enables one to print directly on natural or synthetic fabrics without any lengthy process or treatment. The innovative solution by Kornit has helped to efficiently save time; man-hours, resources, energy, water as well as space. It is the most ecological and thoughtful single step printing revolution.

Advanced Single Step Solution

Kornit Presto is a one stop shop with one-step process to every fabric printing aspect and domain. Like its former Allegro, the Kornit Presto eliminates the need for external process steps, enabling you to achieve the best results from PFP (Prepared-For-Print) to finish digitally printed fabric faster than ever. Now, with the new NeoPigment™ Robusto Softener, the Presto is a complete solution for printing, softening and drying in a single step. With no water waste and in the most smart and sustainable way, the Presto opens your market reach to a wide range of applications. From fashion, baby textiles to home décor, the Presto provides high quality prints, vivid colors and great hand-feel to multiple fabric types, on-demand.

Easy Access to the Digital Printing Fabric Market

Initially, the digital printing fabric market was not open to all. There were only limited players globally that offered digital printing. The lack of competition and monopoly in the market led to surplus raise in the prices of digital printed fabrics. But, due to the introduction of Kornit DTF printers the doors of the digital printing fabric market are now open to all. Anyone having expertise and zeal to enter the market of digital print fabrics and garment can easily do the same with the help of a large fleet of Kornit printers.

Customization and Personalization

Kornit meticulously suffices all the needs of contemporary business models. It can successfully fulfil all the needs of mass personalization and customization. It enables one to explore the creative horizons, experiment and give a definite shape to one’s imagination. It impeccably caters to varied requisites and creative scope in textile, fashion, décor etc. The single-step printing has made it lucrative to print personalized and bespoke products as per the market needs.

Amazing Compatibility

Along with single step DTF printing, one of the distinguishing characteristics of Kornit is the ability to print ultra-short up, medium-run to long-run production. The DTF printer is compatible to perform printing commands of varied sizes and quantities. Power-packed with cutting-edge technology the Kornit can efficaciously handle umpteen amounts of printing jobs with ease and utmost precision.

Superior Quality Single Step Printing

The printing quality of Kornit is exceptional. The colors, the detailing and precision are beyond comparison. Kornit can flawlessly produce a gamut of colors using its NeoPigment™ ink technology. The colour fastness, texture and feel of its output is consummate and supreme. The fully sustainable and safe single step DTF printing process is working wonders in the printing industry and creating a distinct mark for itself.

Globally Verified

The Kornit DTF printers have amazing characteristics and surprising features have received global recognition from leading institutions and organizations worldwide. The Kornit is OekoTex 100 certified and GOTS verified for meeting stringent guidelines of Oeko Tex 100 and GOTS. The integrated advanced printers are capable of handling complex as well as basic garment printing jobs.

A Euphoric Move in DTF Spectrum

The introduction of DTF printing by Kornit Digital is an exemplary step in the field of garment printing. It has changed people’s perception of textile printing. The roll-to-roll printing solution has given more power to the fabric manufacturers, apparel decorators, as well as fashion brands. It has opened newer doors of global opportunities.

The single step printing has facilitated reduced inventories, cost-cutting, short lead times, as well as mass customization. Kornit with its cohesive range of DTF printers have explored the direct to fabric market and have unleashed limitless global exposure and opportunities. After all, Single Step Solution for DTF Printing is a visionary step by Kornit.

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