Kornit – The Ultimate solution for Fashion Brands

Fashion Brands, too, have taken the digital route via investing in DTG (Direct to Garment) printing process.

Digitization’s are the need of the hour, and fashion brands have understood this.

With most of them focusing on sustainable and modern fashion, Direct To Garment Print has been their go-to solutions.

What Is DTG Printing?

Kornit is one of the most successful global digital printing companies offering DTG Printers in India. DTG Printers or Direct to Garment Printers have revolutionized fashion brand workings.

Let’s take a look at what these modern printing tools are and how they work.

DTG Printing or Direct To Garment Printing is a new age printing technology that uses water-based inks for printing processes. Simply put, DTG Printing is the process of printing graphics onto garments and textiles. These printers used modified inkjet technology for printing graphics of your choice onto garments and textiles.

These printers can easily print over 16 million colors directly to garments or textiles in one single phase.

Kornit offers a wide range of DTG Printers designed to meet industry standards, are innovative, and offer quick and straightforward solutions to your garment or textiles business needs.

Take A Look at the Range Of Kornit’s DTG Printers

  • Kornit Vulcan Plus
  • Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro ( An Ideal Option For Polyester Printing)
  • Kornit Storm HD6 (An Ideal Solution For Small Or Medium Fashion Brands)
  • Kornit Avalanche HD6 (The New Era of on-demand Production)
  • Kornit Atlas (An Ideal Solution For High Volume Production)
  • Kornit Atlas Max  (Raise the Bar to the MAX)

Why Is Kornit Digital Printer The Ultimate Solution For Fashion Brands?

Screen Printing was the primary production method for fashion brands for decades, becoming the go-to technology for almost every fashion brand in the market. It did come with several economic barriers like intensive labour costs, high screen and screen storage costs, several technological limitations and much more.

Designers searched for an innovative, economical and effective printing solution, and the Kornit DTG Printers offered just that!

Fashion Brands need to evolve with passing time, and investing in DTG Printing solutions is a smart move to secure their future and business in the fashion world. Today, several fashion brands invest in kornit DTG printers due to their economic appeal that fastens and eases out production processes. Several fashion brands are increasing their investments in these DTG Printers for focusing on expanding the production processes and expanding catalogues, and minimizing overstock.

Also, the fashion and apparels market is ever-growing and increasing, which requires fashion brands to have flexible production processes. The only way of achieving this is by eliminating the former production issue via the new dtg printing processes.

The introduction of DTG printers offering inkjet technologies for fashion brands has resulted in high-resolution pattern and image prints that have become a hit and highly popular among consumers and fashion brands.

With the help of DTG printers, fashion brands can quickly and conveniently print intricate designs, detailed photorealistic visuals, complex floral prints, animal prints over garments.

DTG Printing is transforming the mandatory two-season fashion cycle and producing collections all around the year! via inkjet technologies, samples and designs can be tested and executed on the spot by designers or print houses, resulting in lower turnaround lines.

The increasing global consumer trend for customization can be optimized using inkjet technology.

DTG Printing solutions and DTG printers have got variations and individuality in the fashion industry.

Kornit Digital DTG Printers Price In India

Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd. has been an ongoing digital printing/ cutting field for over decades providing effective and economical printing solutions to the Indian market. It offers Kornit Digital Printers at affordable and economical prices allowing fashion brands of all kinds, be it Large, small or medium, to invest in them.

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