KORNIT’s Best Integrated Pre-Treatment Technology for Garments and Apparels

Today the textile and fashion industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world. However, the way fashion and textile industries have been operating for a couple of decades has not changed and hence it becomes very easy even today to source low-cost manual labor and to outsource costly production. Besides, the rising issues such as pollution, fair wages and to fulfill the requirements of the customers have made the latest ways for exciting technologies. 

Inkjet printing is one of those exciting technologies in which a high volume of individual ink drops is accurately defined with the help of primary piezo printheads. Moreover, firing takes time and the proper hardware, as well as software techniques, are operated in the background that ensures color is accurately managed. But at times the precision gets stuck as soon as the droplet hits the textile substrate and this results in bare visibility of the ink. However, to counter these facts pretreating the textile material is carried out which ensures that the drop of the ink stays on the surface and takes its own shape while preventing the increase in the total value. 

In this blog, we will see how the integrated pretreatment technology of KORNIT DTG printers has been a huge success for garments and apparel. 

What Is Pretreatment Technology Of KORNIT?

The pretreatment process has become an essential procedure to be carried out and a lot of textile manufacturers have developed numerous approaches to fulfill this process. Kornit digital embraces varied DTG printers including HD Series, Atlas and more that offers integrated pretreatment. 

Kornit’s DTG printers have a nozzle system at the front of the machine that places the pretreatment onto the textile. However, only the nozzles are required to cover up the printed image. On coming back to the print zone, the excess liquid present in the textile is automatically removed with the help of a rubber squeegee and risen fibers are also wiped out. These printers incorporate an inward process in which the ink is applied to the wet pretreatment layer of the textile. Kornit is the only DTG Printer where Pre-treatment is Inline. 

Huge Benefits Of Pretreatment 

The pretreatment process offers a number of benefits. Let us have a look at those-

  • Since a machine is used to apply the pretreatment this ensures uniform distribution while preventing irregularities and striping issues while the printing is going on. 
  • The pretreated area is more adapted to the particular image that results in low pretreatment getting used.
  • Kornit pretreatment process does not need any thickening agents that sometimes live some stains on the textile
  • The required amount per cm2 can be easily calculated on an individual basis for every textile and can be flawlessly stored in a database media in case repeat orders occur.

Kornit’s Philosophy

Speaking about the cost of the pretreatment process, the cost for the external pretreatment will include the buying price of the device drawing and the pretreatment solution as well as the operator cost. 

KORNIT has different internal pre-treatment philosophy which showcases that even the systems are not the cheapest but the level of high automation and relatively low ink costs along with pretreatment and other consumable materials makes it a more cost-effective choice for the buyers. 

Kornit is the leading brand that offers huge and efficient DTG printers for garments and apparel printing and has different web printing systems that offer integrated pre-treatment. With its machines, it always takes a step ahead by applying the pretreatment on the textile with the help of a print head. It offers precise control of the application amount and the low amount of liquid along with the integrated driver to make sure that printed textile web is available in a short duration of just a few minutes!

Kornit’s advanced Direct to Garment Printing solutions are leading the effort to reduce water pollution and waste with a 100% waterless process utilized in every single printing system 

This is the reason why Kornit is called a single step solution, with complete automation.

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