Large Format Printing Industry – Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused serious disruptions across the globe, bringing both humanity and businesses to their knees. This has also spilled over towards the global economic crisis. India saw the rise of COVID-19 in March 2020 which forced the nation to go on a complete lockdown. The lockdown had a huge impact on all major and minor businesses, especially the large format print industry. Marketing and advertising came to a complete halt keeping it as the last priority of any business.

The printing industry had come to a complete halt ever since the start of the lockdown and has been trying to get its way back up in the market. Large format printers mostly print for industries such as apparel, textiles, signage, advertising, billboards, POPs, décor, cosmetics, FMCG and much more. These are the industries which have had a hard hit during the Pandemic.

The COVID-19 has also impacted the demand side of the market. The pandemic scenario due to COVID-19 has lowered the demand from the customers due to low spending power and reduced investment in lifestyle needs. Many Exhibitions getting cancelled, brands rolling out the bigger campaigns. Also, the continuous fall in the global demand and export shipments for home décor products is expected to negatively impact the large format printer market.

How it has impacted the requirement of the large format printing industry.

From physical meetings to virtual google meets and zoom calls. Various big companies are now choosing other and alternate ways to expand their business and are focusing more on the digital side. Firms are now training their employees to get familiar with such advancements and smoother operations from the comfort of their homes.

Players in the printing industry are moving ahead and now improvising their existing portfolio and transforming their business into a digital-first model. Using a new set of tech-driven and app-based services, they are continuing to serve clients in timely meeting the needs and deliverables despite the lockdown and other additional challenges.

As employees are getting used to the working from home scenario, vendors hailing from the printing industry are being trained to provide digital solutions via online methods. Players in this space are quickly adapting to the new age investing in cloud-enabled and AI-powered digital printing tools to meet the changing needs of new-age consumers.

Upcoming trends.

In the past decade or so, the printing world has gone through a tremendous transformation. The process of printing has been completely revolutionized and eased the whole experience for the users. One of the major concerns of printer owners all over the world is the cost-effective printers, that are capable of generating high-quality prints.

The Large format printers have now understood the importance of having industrial printers as these were the printers who were humming in the lockdown and were still printing even after various roadblocks. A surge in the demands of Large format printers is seen due to corporates resuming their marketing campaigns and getting back to the race.


Post COVID-19, sustainability is having its own importance and brands and corporates are willing to print only with sustainable solutions. Green Products are being replaced by PVC Sign Boards and this is proving to be a great revolution in the Printing industry.

Post COVID-19, people are investing in companies which are stable, able to provide solutions 24/7, moreover support them in crisis. People are working day and night to overcome this crisis and we see a spike in the demand for quality printing and sustainable solutions. Post COVID People are understanding the importance of sustainability and the demands for LED Printing, Environmentally friendly Inks, Green Substrates is growing.

The hour of rising post covid.

Covid has gotten up a rise in new and alternate business opportunities. Most print observers feel that as the world begins to “open up” the demand for wide format products will continue in its growth. Growth on a scale where the printing industry will gain back the momentum, and probably surpass the past growth rate with time. Demand for social distancing decals, sneeze shields, window signs, roll up banner stands and wall graphics for instructions on COVID requirements will now be required in establishments previously closed.

It is impossible to say that the printing sector grew smoothly throughout the pandemic, as this growth was unevenly distributed. Some companies printed more than usual, while others ceased to order print at all. Once the Exhibitions, Event are back to normal we assume a good phase in the Printing Industry.

Even During Lockdowns Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd has installed several printers and we see growth and success in the coming months.

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