ArrowJet Nova 250R – Superior Cost-Effectiveness All-In-One Laser Die-Cutter

ArrowJet Nova 250R is popularly known for its future benefits for customers seeking stability, flexibility, and productivity in their business. ArrowJet Nova 250R is specifically targeted at small and mid-scale businesses. The on-demand laser die-cutting equipment is best suited for print providers, brand owners, label printers, commercial printers, and packaging companies as well.

ArrowJet Nova 250R is a laser die cutting that makes use of a high-speed laser employed to precisely cut materials as per the customer specifications and needs. With this innovative machine, cutting materials are cut into the most accurate and customized shapes that can be used for a wide array of applications.

In this blog, let us have a look at the prime benefits of the ArrowJet Nova 250R machine.

Get The Ultimate Laser Die-Cutting

ArrowJet Nova 250R offers high-efficiency laser die cutting services that allow it to cut through the most detailed and complicated patterns making them most suitable for complex and smaller applications.

The prime advantages of ArrowJet Nova 250R include saving time and cost by 3X, delivers the smartest way of label cutting, and assists in linking your printer and in-line expansion option.

Why Choose ArrowJet Nova 250R?

The high-speed laser dies cutting comes with an increased speed of 25 m/per minute while offering up to a 250 % increase with coated and uncoated papers. Additionally, it can represent such a huge growth with special media and film as well that can be cut at full speed.

The completely evolved system converts the two-step processing of label making into one process by using any link technology. With its state-of-the-art approach, ArrowJet Nova 250R becomes the one-stop destination for all your lamination, slitting, and scrap paper removing requirements.

What makes this die-cutting even more appealing is its huge production capacity without concerning space. With this machine, several cutting functions can be performed simultaneously along with the customer’s modular design solution. to deal with this by getting no expert is required because it is one of the user-friendly designed machines that can cut long labels automatically. Moreover, the machine has made on-demand laser die cutting super flexible! The ArrowJet Nova 250R is the best choice for Label and Packaging customers to have a quick turnaround time.

Features You Shouldn’t Miss for the most high-speed laser die cutting machine

  • Lamination and lamination Matrix removal
  • Auto job changeover
  • Laser system
  • Matrix removal and slitter
  • Dual rewinding system
  • Unwinding system

So if you have been looking for printing and cutting full-color labels or stickers with an inline finisher then ArrowJet Nova 250R would be the evergreen choice you could opt for.

Get it from Arrow Digital Private Limited which is the only 360-degree solution provider of numerous branded printing machines along with their substrates.

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