Leverage your Brand with Unique Application of EFI Pro 30h

EFI is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class digital printers that offer numerous features and cost-effective prices. The company has been always emphasizing on launching the most advanced digital printers in the market and each time it becomes a huge success. Like other EFI Vutek Printers series, EFI has recently launched an EFI Pro 30h LED printer which is known as a little sister of EFI Pro 32h.

Let us understand about this outstanding entry-level production printer, EFI Pro 30h!

A Unique Package

EFI Pro 30h is a hybrid LED entry-level production printer precisely launched in the market to deliver excellent image quality, enhance productivity, and versatility. It is one of the innovative printers that are available at a competitive price.

Speaking about its printing capabilities, EFI Pro 30h easily prints on a number of substrates and can be used for a number of applications. The prime motto of this world-class printer is to deliver excellent output to commercial printers as well as sign makers. It is also best suited for all in-plant printing departments that are envisaging to upgrade or start their roll to roll print jobs to wide format capacities.

EFI  Pro 30h comes with dual-channel white or clear ink that delivers high-value prints with special effects, multi-layer printing, and high gloss images!

Awesome Features At A Glance 

  • 3.2 m wide entry-level hybrid Printer
  • 2 channels of white and Optional clear ink
  • Productivity up to 2477 sq. ft, or 60 BP
  • Fast RIP acceleration Technology
  • EFI Fiery proServer Core digital front end
  • Printable on a variety of substrates
  • Magnetic linear drive
  • Print up to 5 layers in a single pass
  • Dual roll printing
  • Advanced media-platen vacuum system with 6 chambers having their own independent vacuum power controls
  • Dual touchscreen graphical user interface in front and back of printer for ease of operation in multiple applications
  • Optional  EFI ProGraphics™ UV LED curing ink sets to choose from

What Makes It More Distinctive?

EFI Pro 30h offers brilliant and continuous board printing capacity which indicates a standard feature that assists customers to enhance and improve the overall production speed of the printer. However, this is achieved with the help of the last boards as well as different small boards at the same time.

The printer encompasses dual-roll printing feature touches and throughput and is specifically designed for alternating substrates such as rigid and flexible. With its skyrocketing speed, users can easily take more jobs and can precisely meet customer demands in order to get a quick turnaround.

The feature that makes EFI Pro 30h, even more, distinctive is the incorporation of the EFI Fiery ProServer core digital front end along with fast RIP Acceleration Technology. This system assures powerful spot color control, fastest file processing, color profiling, cut marks creation, and color verification features.


EFI Pro 30h is all set to take commendable grab on commercial print shops, sign shops, mid-level businesses for entry-level decoration or signage printers, or in-plant print departments space. It is emerging as one of the prime UV digital printing machines for a myriad of applications.

If your printing business is looking for notable growth then incorporation of this latest product of EFI will surely take your printing business to new heights along with unmeasurable profits!

Get the EFI Pro 30h hybrid flatbed entry-level production printer at an effective price from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is one of the leading suppliers of branded printing machines along with their substrates.

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