Miles To Go with Transit Media Advertising

Advertising brands are increasingly recognizing the power of transit media advertising evidenced by the range of brands that are unfurling innovative campaigns in this space. Increasingly they are becoming a strategic part of brand advertising plans as they offer 1) High reach 2) Significant engagement time and 3 ) Larger Impact.

Transit Advertising is the form of Advertising which can be placed on any mode of transport from Taxis to Buses, Trains , Trams, Subways , Restaurants, Malls and many more. It would be in the form of Graphics, simple text or visual communication.

Indoor Transit Advertising

Indoor advertising takes branding to a new level. When creating a campaign, the best plan of action is not focusing on where the ads are placed, but rather on the audience targeted. Indoor Advertising are placed in for maximum visibility in high traffic areas of businesses to reach the customers who visit those locations regularly. Anywhere the customers are found that they are stationary and have time to view the ads is best. These areas include, waiting areas, seating areas and restrooms. Restroom advertising provides one of the most receptive and powerful opportunities because the ad message is delivered to the target audience when they are alone and have enough time to engage themselves to go through the restroom advertisement.

Outdoor Transit Advertising

This type of advertisement placed on the outer surface of transit mode. It is further classified into roof advertising and on board advertising.

Unlike conventional formats, the dwell time offered by transit transportation especially at the airports is the highest which makes them ideal destinations for brand communication and engagement.

With the traveling trends where the traffic movement is picking up drastically, public transport systems such as metro and railways are becoming transit lifelines.  Moreover with facilities like wifi at these points e commerce brands and other categories of brands are looking at the transit media with greater interest.

Advantages of Transit Advertising

  • Extensive Coverage
  • Long Exposure
  • Can target mass audience
  • Allows advertisers to find you when you are occupied outside the home, and often at a time when you are receptive to advertising

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