On-Demand Printing – The New Trend in DTG

On-Demand Printing – The New Trend in DTG

Direct to garment printing has been revolutionizing the textile industry with its ingenious features and capabilities. DTG is the most emerging garment decorative technology that has accomplished tremendous popularity in the commercial market during the 2000s. In contrast with the conventional labor-intensive processes including embroidery and screen printing,  DTG makes use of inkjet printing technology. This spreads a full set of colors along with a precise and detailed design.

However the process of printing design directly from a computer to a digital printer along with a garment loaded in it. Moreover,  DTG makes it super easy to produce high-quality prints and you are completely free to hire highly skilled as well as experienced.

But did you know that while DTG printing is transforming the printing domain, there is one more factor that is taking it to the epitome of success? And this factor is nothing but ‘on-demand printing’. Yes, you read it right!

Let us have a look in this blog at how on-demand printing has become a new trend in the DTG printing space. 

What is On-Demand printing?

On-demand printing is nothing but commercial quality printing offering quick turnaround times that can be a few hours or even less than that. It helps businesses to order print materials as and when needed. The printing technology is best suited to all industries including the textile industry where the printed content needs frequent changes. 

Quick Look At Benefits of On-Demand Printing

  • Fast turnaround and high quality– Here you print what you need and hence it can easily offer faster turnaround times. With advanced digital technology, the quality of the print is pretty high.
  • Eliminates overprinting– It is one of the most fundamental benefits of on-demand printing where small quantities can be generated that results in low wastage of paper. 
  • Elimination of inventory– Since you are printing on demand you need not store the garments in the warehouse that drastically reduces the need for inventory.
  • Enhanced customer communications– On-demand printing you are printing small quantities with frequent runs. This way you can easily track if the prints are up to date with the customer requirements or not. Moreover, with the vital privilege of digital automation customization, you can easily customize what customers wish! 


Till now you must have got an idea about how on-demand and DTG textile printing seems! 

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